The Get Stuff Done Workshop

A Distraction-Free Space And Expert Help For Latter-day Saint Mompreneurs

Get The Important Stuff Done For Your Business

What You'll Get Done:

I see You...

You are Paralyzed. Stuck.

You feel called to be online – to start a business – to spread goodness, kindness and light by treating people right.  You know God wants you to use your talents online and you are passionate about what you do and just want to share helpful information – but there are huge roadblocks in your way. 


You are paralyzed by everything you don’t know.  Domains.  LLC. Web host. eCourses. WordPress. SEO. Branding. Instagram. Funnels. Canva. Business License. Terms and conditions. Blog. Taxes. Pinterest. Privacy policy. eBooks. Affiliates. Podcast. Facebook


Oh, and how do you actually make money online? (hint, it’s by solving a problem for your people in the most efficient way possible)

You are spinning Your wheels

The small bursts of time you have between your kid’s interruptions is long enough to think about what you’re going to do, but not long enough to actually accomplish it.


So you often eat lunch over your keyboard while the baby naps and the toddler watches TV for way too long, but you’re still only making $1.78 per hour.


You live in a constant state of go-go-go but fall into bed every night wondering if you actually accomplished anything that will make a difference in your family or your business.

Misty Marsh smiling

Friend, you need

a week of distraction free work time

surround by expert help and support

to get the important stuff done in your business,

Get smart automated systems in place,

and go home ready to focus on your family

And what you do best in your business

You need the Get Stuff Done Workshop

A distraction-Free space and expert help so you can get the important stuff done in your business

Misty Marsh with clients

the Get Stuff Done Workshop will help you:

Make Money

At the Get Stuff Done Workshop, you will learn how to build a business in a way that actually makes you money. You'll learn what needs to be done now and what can wait, how to create products you know your visitors want, and how to talk about those products in a way that compels them to purchase.

Help Others

All the thing that help you make money also help your followers progress. If your business is all over the place, they won't realize you have what they need and/or they won't take the action necessary to solve their pain points. But build your business the right way, and you'll solve problems for those who come to you for help

Have More family time

At the Get Stuff Done Workshop, you will create automated systems that will allow you to own a profitable business and still attend field trips, have date nights, and take relationship building vacations.

Focus on what you love

You didn't sign up for this business because you love tech or marketing. You simply wanted help others by to sharing your talents. The automated systems you setup at the Get Stuff Done Workshop will allow you to spend less time on the tech and marketing so you can focus on doing what you are good at - what you love.

the Get Stuff Done Workshop

Fall 2022; Orem, UT; All meals included

Total Value: $14,500

Pay Just $4500 - $5000

  • You can pay $4500 in full or pay $833.33 per month for 6 months ($5000 total)

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What it's like to work with Misty:

Come get stuff done with me!

I believe God has big plans and expectations for women.  I believe he wants many of us to make money and spread light online.  

We do that by being business women with integrity.  We do that by putting people before profits.  We do that by reacting in kindness to rudeness.  We do that by being distinct and different in Christ-like ways.

But you face a lot of roadblocks, detours and barriers.  I know because I faced the same ones 12 years ago when I started my first online business.  Knowing where God wants you, but not being able to get there b/c of the tech, lack of time, and questions with endless answers is more than frustrating.  It actually put me into a deep depression 8 years ago.

But God gave me guides and mentors who helped me finally be able to build a profitable (6-figure) business that helped tens of thousands of people.  I sold that business in early 2018.  I started this one in early 2020.

I want to help you get the important stuff done in your business.  I want you to know exactly what the next best step is.  I want you create products you KNOW your people want. And I want to help you automate it all so you can focus on your family and using something you love to bless the lives of people all over the world.

Should You Come?



Act now

The Get Stuff Done Workshop only happens 2xs per year

Only 12 women can attend

Pre-work starts the first week of May


I have a few thoughts:


1.  Use your stimulus, tax return and upcoming child tax credit.

You likely got a multiple thousand dollar stimulus check from the government recently.

You may have also gotten a tax return.

And, you are going to get $250 per month per child from July 2021 - Dec 2021.  That's another $1500 per child.

Put it to good use and invest in your business - which will help the economy.


2. Have you considered that it actually may cost you more if you don't attend?

 But come to the workshop, and your business will start making money immediately after. How long would it take you to accomplish all we plan to accomplish at home?  3 months? 6 months? a year? more?

You'd spend more time learning, b/c you wouldn't have experts in the same room to provide immediate answer to your questions and walk you through the tech.

You can get 3-4xs more done in an uninterrupted hour than you can in an hour where you are interrupted multiples times. That means you'd spend 200+ hours to accomplish at home what you could get done in a week. 

Time is money friend!

Don't wait months to start making money.  That's thousands of dollars you won't make while you are trying to do everything on your own.

And what if you do it on your own and get it wrong? What if you get the tech all setup but still don't know how to write your emails or your website in a way that actually gets people to take action and purchase? 

That means that even when you do start making money, you'll make less money than you would have if you'd come to the workshop.


3.  All businesses require a financial investment

If you aren't willing to invest in your business, then I'd dare say it's more of a hobby than a business.  And it's fine if you want it to be a hobby.

But if you want to make money from what you are doing, you need to treat it like a business and invest in it.  Even the church teaches that well though out debt is acceptable for a home, education or business.


4.  Expensive is relative

The income ceiling for professionals like doctors, dentists, and attorneys is very high, but it also requires hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as years of their lives.

The income ceiling for an online business is equally high, but the investment of time and money is significantly less.  I believe it is well worth investing $3000-ish and a week of your time.



First, you can work on whatever you want while you are here!  I'll be teaching the why behind each days schedule tasks each morning for just 10-30 minutes. I will also walk the group through tech steps on the "big screen" as needed.

But otherwise, my assistant and I will just be walking around helping  you with whatever you need. If you want to work on something else, but like the idea of  the quiet space and immediate answers to questions, I'd love to have you come! 


But if you still want to follow along with the general plan I've got in place, we can work on improving what you already have in place.  There is always, always, always room for growth and improvement in online business.


You will need a laptop and any products or props (like a mug or blanket or pen in your brand colors)you want to use during the photoshoot on Monday.

All meals will be covered, so you won't need to worry about that.

But you will need to cover travel expenses (fuel or flight) and pay for your hotel room (or stay with friends or relatives). 

We will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in American Fork, UT and they have offered us a discounted rate of $79 per night.

Whatever you want!  

The 1st week of July, we will decide as a group which restaurants we want to order from for each meal.  You will then fill out a form to pick your actual menu items.

All meals will be delivered via DoorDash so we can use as much time as possible to work.

I will also be provided snacks throughout the day and you'll get to help me choose what to bring.

A maximum of 12 business will be attending.  Each business can bring a business partner for an extra $350 if they want.

In addition to all you get done this week, you will also form lasting friendships with other Latter-day Saint momprenuers.  Their support (and collaboration opportunities) will be invaluable over the years.

Monday - Saturday:

  • Me - Misty.  I have 13 years experience in online marketing - I've learned lots from my failed businesses,  my six figure one, and the many Latter-day Saint momprenuers I've worked with.
  • My fantastic assistant Audra who knows nearly everything I do.
  • A friend's assistant that I will train specifically for this workshop

Friday only

My website template designer, Jamie, who not only knows Elementor inside and out, but is far better than I am at making things beautiful.

We will follow any government mandates in place in Utah at the time of the workshop.

Currently (April 2021), there is no mask mandate for groups under 50. It that is the same at the time of the workshop, we will not require masks.  You are, of course, welcome to wear a mask if you want to.

However, all attendees will be sitting 6 feet apart regardless of any mandates - so you have plenty of space for your laptop, workbook and anything else you need.

You can bring your business partner for just $350.

When you checkout, you will be able to check a box to include this "addon".  The entire $350 will be paid upfront with your $350 deposit, so your deposit will actually be $700.

You won't get any extra templates or an extra AMA membership or an extra swag bag and all that.  The $350 just covers food and a few other basics costs.

Absolutely!  You can choose to pay $4500 in full or pay $834 per month for 6 months

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