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The Welcome Series Masterplan

Create an email welcome series that builds true, loyal fans who know, like and trust you.
Your subscribers need to get to

know, like, and trust you

Before they will ever purchase from you

Introducing: The Welcome Series Masterplan

A 7 email welcome series plan that will turn your subscribers into raving fans.

The Welcome Series Masterplan is different

  • Not one size fits all

    This isn't a copy & paste solution - and you shouldn't want one. You have unique email subscribers with unique needs.

    So while I do give you word-for-word swipe files, I also provide examples to help you fill in the blanks with authentic and effective words.

  • Purposeful

    I teach you not just what to send but why to send it. You will know what you goal is for each email you send - what you are trying to get people to FEEL and DO as a result of your email

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The Welcome Series Masterplan

Turn your email subscribers into raving fans
$ 29
  • Why you need a welcome series
  • 10 rules for a killer welcome series
  • 7 email descriptions, goals, subject lines and preheaders
  • 6 email swipe files
  • 7 email examples
  • What to send when the welcome series is done

30 day no questions asked money back guarantee

I am certain The Welcome Series Masterplan will help you create raving fans.  In fact, I am so sure that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Just email me and tell me  why/how it was not helpful (so I can improve it in the future).  I won’t hold you to any silly rules or give you any hoops to jump through.  

I'm Misty Marsh

I built the Welcome Series Masterplan for you

Misty holding you've got this flag

I’ve been involved in online content marketing since 2008.  I built 3 businesses in that time – one that was successful enough to sell for 6 figures.

But I’ve been where you are at:

  • Spending hours on an email just to have it flop
  • Stuck with a 20% open rate
  • Ignoring my email list because I just don’t know what to send them

If you feel like I used to, I’m sure the Welcome Series Masterplan will help.