The Goodness Squad Podcast Episode #26

if your homepage is a list of your blog posts, you need this episode!

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Your homepage needs to be more than an index to your blog posts. These simple tips will help you create a homepage that converts your page views to loyal followers.

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The Goodness Squad: Welcome to the goodness squad. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. Welcome to the goodness squad.


Misty: Welcome to episode #26 of The Goodness Squad podcast. Today, we are continuing our discussion from the last time where we talked about Alma 37:6-7, where we learn that by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. 


It is very likely, there are some very simple things you are doing or not doing on your website that are creating results, negative or positive, that are bigger than you realize. And today, we are going to be talking about one more of those.


My name is Misty Marsh. I have built and sold a profitable online business. And now I am on a mission to lift you and your income and your influence for good online. If you would like to turn your blog or your podcast into a full-fledged online business, where you share goodness and light online, without , sacrificing your home-centered focus, then you have found a community of likeminded women here at The Goodness Squad. I would love to have you join us over at  Make sure you also subscribe to the podcast because today, like in every episode, I'm giving you a bite-sized, easy to process and easy to implement tip for your business.


All right, let's jump right in. I want you to think about, for just one minute, about the most visited pages on your website. Do you know which page gets the most visitors? Maybe you have to go look at your analytics and that's just fine. I hope you have them.


Typically your homepage is one of the most visited pages on your website. Now, if you are a blogger or a podcaster who has a lot of different posts highlighting those written posts or those podcast episodes, you may have one or two of those episodes that come in above your homepage, most people are probably finding your website through one of those posts or podcast episodes. They're seeing your link to it on Pinterest or on Facebook or in an email. And they're coming in to read or listen to that post or that episode, or to watch that YouTube video you've embedded on your website.


But then once they've done that, where do they go next? Either they leave or they decide that they want to learn more about you. And one of the main places that they will go is to your homepage. So what happens if your homepage is just a list of your blog posts?


Let's back up and think about why people are clicking on that homepage. They've just read a blog post from you, very likely, or if they've come directly to your homepage, it's probably because they were referred there by someone else. A friend told them about you, or they found a link on a website that went directly to your homepage, and for whatever reason, their interest and curiosity were peaked and they decided to click on that link or go to your homepage. Why are they doing that? Why are they there? Well, I'll tell you why it's, because they want to know who you help.


First of all, there are two things. First, they want to know who you help. Does your homepage tell them that?


Second, they want to know what problem you solve. They're trying to figure out "is it worth my time to spend more of my time on this website? Should I spend more time here? Is it worth it? Is she trying to help me? Is she solving problems that I have?"


Now, I want you to remember, this is one of my favorite phrases, "A confused mind always says no."


And guess what? A list of your most recent blog posts, and nothing else, is going to create confusion. They will not get the clarity they are looking for. They will not look at your list of blog posts and automatically know who you help and what problem you solve when someone clicks on your homepage.


That is the only thing they should see right there above the fold. Who you help and how you help them, what problem you solve, what will they have more of or less of in their life if they choose to work with you and continue to follow you, read more blog posts, listen to more podcast episodes, watch more YouTube videos and maybe eventually buy byproduct. What is it you help them with?


There is one other reason why it is not smart for your homepage to simply be a list of your blog posts. And that is because it is poor practice for search engine optimization. Search engines, Google, Yahoo, they know what is going on on a page by the copy, by the words that are on the page. And when you simply have a list of blog posts, it is not clear what your website is about, and they are going to look to your home page to figure out what your website is about. And it needs to be clear also for that search engine. We write our websites, blog posts, or podcast episodes, or homepages, or about pages, we write all of that for people. But when you truly put people first and write for the people, it always is good for your search engine optimization. It increases your chances of showing up in results, search results, on things like Google or Yahoo or Pinterest. Okay? So if your homepage, which right now is simply a list of your most recent blog posts with a, you've got to change it. You have got to change it.


This is one change of the five tips that I'm giving you. This is probably the biggest one. Your homepage should not be a list of your blog posts. Does that mean it can't have a blog post or two listed on there? Nope. You can go ahead and do that, but your homepage should explain who you help and how you help them.


Next, once they know that, your homepage needs to have one very clear call to action. What is the next step for them? Is the next step for them to read another blog post? Great. Then pick your three favorite or your three most recent and list those there. Is the next step for them to get on your email list? Great. Then invite them to do that at the top of your page, the middle of the page and the bottom of your page. Is the next step for them to join your exclusive Facebook community? Invite them to do that at the top of your page,  the middle of your page, at the end of your page. Guide them through your website. Eliminate the confusion and your conversions will go up significantly. I promise you. 


So your challenge for today is to optimize your homepage. Now you might be panicking a little bit and thinking, "Ooh, I don't know how to do that on my homepage." This is because themes are so restrictive. If you don't understand why your theme is restrictive and how it is like going with a track home builder, then I want you to go back to episode #24 and figure that out. So you understand why I want you to be able to edit your theme.


And the way that you can do that is through Elementor Pro. So if you are one of those, that's panicking a little and thinking, "I want to make this change on my website, but I don't know how," you need to get Elementor on your website, right now, today. I promise it is one of the best investments you can make in your business. And if you purchase through my affiliate link, which will be in the show notes, simply shoot me an email And I will send you some tutorials for free. 


Thank you again for being here with me. I hope you have found significant value. If you have, please leave me a review. Let me know. Let me know how this podcast helps you in your business, what have you learned that surprised you and how has it benefited you? And then make sure that you subscribe. Because, in the next episode,  I am going to be giving you one more small and simple thing you can do on your website that will create a big result. I'll see you there.

When you truly put people first and write for the people, it always is good for your search engine optimization.

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026_If your homepage is a list of your blog posts, you need this episode 026_If your homepage is a list of your blog posts, you need this episode 026_If your homepage is a list of your blog posts, you need this episode 026_If your homepage is a list of your blog posts, you need this episode 026_If your homepage is a list of your blog posts, you need this episode 026_If your homepage is a list of your blog posts, you need this episode

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