How to get your followers to say “yes!” more often

The Goodness Squad Podcast Episode #13

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Show Notes:

If you struggle to get people to say “yes” to 

  • Joining your email address 
  • Purchasing your product
  • Visiting your IG profile

etc, then this is the episode you need.  I have one simple tip for you.  When I learned – and sincerely tried to implement – this tip, it changed my business.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

working on your business

A confused mind always chooses "No." Always.


If you struggle to get people to say “yes” in your business, then this is for you.

And bonus, it’s super quick.

Are you often frustrated in your business that people don’t say “yes” more often?

  • Yes to joining your Facebook group.
  • Yes to joining your email list.
  • Yes to clicking on something in your email.
  • Yes to purchasing a product.
  • Yes to buying a service.

You put enormous time and effort into those things and the results are kind of ho-hum? I have a great tip for you today. This is something that I have learned and I’m continuing to refine it and learn it, but it has made a huge difference in my business.


Don’t make it confusing

Let’s start with the idea that a confused mind always says, “No.” This is not my idea. This is a marketing phrase. You will hear it out there, all over the place, but if someone comes to your website and they are confused, or they read a sales page or they read an email and they are confused, they will default to “no.” A confused mind always chooses “No.” Always.


Cut your words in half

You need your message to be super clear and the #1 way I know how to begin improving this is something that I would ask my design clients to do.

Back when I was doing web design, I would require my clients to submit copy to me. Copy means the words that would be on the page I was designing. They needed to tell me what words needed to go on that page so I could design where the words were and how they looked and what images we used and things like that. But they had to write those words.

So I would ask them to write out the words and then go back and cut it in half. Cut the number of words they had written in half. This forces your mind to become super clear about what is really important for the person on the other end, who is reading those words, to know.

In fact,  as long as they gave me permission, when I put those words on their website, I cut it in half again.

I want you to do this in your own business. The next time you write a blog post, the next time you write out a podcast episode outline, the next time you write a sales page, the next time you write an email – I want you to write it out, cut it in half, and cut it in half again.


Why are they saying ‘Yes’?

Again, I want you to get super clear about what it is you want the person on the other end to learn or to do. If you want them to say “yes” more often, you have to make it exceptionally clear what they are saying “yes” to because a confused mind always says “no.”

That is it today. Today was one of those quick tips that I believe is super impactful. Go apply it to your business. If you would like help cutting your words in half, if you would like to give me a paragraph and have me cut it in half for you, I would invite you to join the Ask Me Anything group where I answer your specific questions about your business. I would be happy to look at some of your copy and cut it in half for you and show you what this actually looks like so that you can start having a greater impact and see more yeses in your business. 

Coming Up

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you hit subscribe because in the next episode we are going to talk about one of my favorite phrases “done is better than perfect.” I’m going to show you what that actually looks like inside of my own business so that you can move forward in your business with something that is done but not yet perfect. This will help you to earn income and start making an impact on people’s lives faster. 

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