For Natalie Hunsaker

Important Dates:

  • Deposit (50%) Due Date: 09/10/2022
  • Prework Due Date: 09/24/2022 by 10 pm
  • Project Start Date: 09/27/2022
  • Project Completion Date: 10/07/2022
  • Final Payment (50%) Due Date: 10/08/2022

Project pieces:

Please add those items you’d like me to complete to project.  Note that you will pay 50% (to secure a spot on my schedule).  The final 50% will be sent via an invoice sent at project completion.
Move to Elementor: $150

I will move your existing site to Elementor Pro.   I will install Elementor and setup your branding.

Cartflows Setup: $700

I will install and configure Cartflows to work with Woocommerce.  You can purchase CartFlows here.

Product Variations Setup: $500
I will setup “pretty” variations similar to those on this page for 2 products of your choice. I will record myself setting up the 2nd product so you can duplicate as needed.
Funnel Setup: $800
I will setup the tech for the funnel discussed with Sarah including a Squeeze page, Tripwire page, Order form, and OTO page. I will record myself doing this so you can duplicate it for future funnels.  This will also include all tags and triggers in ConverKit as well as blank emails.
AR Setup: $800
I will setup AR for 2 products of your choice using the AR Display plugin for Woocommerce. I will record myself doing the 2nd one so you can duplicate the process.
Squeeze Page Design: $100

I will design 2 well-optimized (very similar) squeeze pages for the “What Isaiah says about women” lead magnet. 

Tripwire Page Design: $200

I will design 2 well optimized (very similar) tripwire pages for the 5×7 packet.

OTO Page Design: $450
I will design 2 (very similar) OTO pages for pre-ordering your course.  I will then turn this off and record a video of how to activate it when you are ready.
Video for A/B Testing: $100

I will create a video of me creating an A/B test of your Squeeze, Tripwire OR OTO pages so that you can duplicate it. If you want me to set it up for all of them, add this to your cart 3 times.

Project Page Design: $800
I will design a project page for your Isaiah project and turn it into a template you can use as a starting point for future projects.
Homepage Design: $800
I will design a well-optimized homepage or “funnel hub” as Sarah called it in the style of your current website.

Complimentary addons:

I will move your site from GoDaddy to WPMUDev.  We will do this at 9:00 am on 09/27/2022.  You will need to be available by phone so I can get your credit card info as I set up your account.

I will create bookmarked, searchable tutorial videos so that you can duplicate funnels and more. You can share these with anyone on your team.

I will pay for Elementor Pro license ($49 per year) for the lifetime of my business. I will give you 6 months notice if you ever need to buy and Elementor Pro license

I will give you complimentary access to Website With a Purpose ($999) which will walk you through how to find good copy for your website, creating a freemium, and writing an email welcome series. Website With a Purpose also includes website templates.

I will give you complimentary access to Ask Me Anything for tech support for 30 days following the completion of our project. You can extend that support for $49 a month (instead of $69) if you want to.

Please Note:

You will need to be available to respond via text within 10-20 minutes and via Facetime within 24 hours  during the project dates (9/27/22 – 10/7/22).

Any page I design includes 1 revision.

All prework (images, copy, passwords etc) needs to be completed by the due date or we may have to reschedule your project.

If anything takes more than 20% more or less time than I have originally estimated, the price will be adjusted at a rate of $150 per hour.


Project will not be officially added to schedule until the contract has been signed.  You will get an email with a link to the contract.