The Process

What it’s like to work with Misty

I want our time together to be as smooth and seamless as possible.  It is important you know what it’s actually like to work with me.


Getting to know you phase

This phase includes everything that happens before you sign a contract and make a deposit to work with me.  Once you read over the info on my site, you reach out to me and we set up a time for a “Get To Know You” call.  If you decide I’m the right designer for you, I send you a proposal, contract and invoice.  Once you take care of that, you are on my schedule!

  • You take the time to read over the information on my website and decide you are interested in working with me
  • You reach out to me thru my contact form
  • I get back in touch with you within 72 hours (often sooner)
  • You schedule a "Get To Know You" call with me
  • We hold our "Get To Know You Call" and you ask me any questions you have
  • I send you a project proposal that outlines the timeline and investment for your project
  • You accept the proposal, sign a contract and pay your 50% deposit to secure your place on my calendar.


Discovery Phase

Once you have a place on my schedule, you get access to your own Project Portal where you will find your “homework”  – but no worries,  it’s the fun type!  You will complete it 1 full week before your project start date.  Depending on your project, this phase typically requires 3-8 hours of your time. 

  • You gain access to a "Project Portal" where you can access everything you will need during our time together and beyond. This includes a checklist of everything you need to do (with due dates) as well as tips and outlines for writing your website content.
  • You get a "Welcome Packet" in the mail (yep - snail mail) from me
  • You fill out a "discovery form" - a series of thoughtful questions that allow me to immerse myself in your needs and goals.
  • You scheulde a welcome call with me once your discovery form is completed
  • You upload your website content (the words on the page / images), branding elements etc.
  • We hold your "Welcome Call" during which we solidify your goals for your project and make sure we are 100% on the same page

Misty was completely invested in my website while she worked with me.  I knew I was her priority. Every idea and feedback I gave was taken seriously and implemented. She met and then exceeded my expectations. She was worth every penny and more and is the only designer I will ever use again. 

Chrissy – Teepee Girl,  Silver Design Experience


Planning Phase

In the week leading up to your project start date, I review all you’ve given me during the discovery phase and start making some solid plans for ways to accomplish the goals we’ve discussed.

  • I audit your existing website (if working with you on a Silver or Platinum design experience) and send you my feedback
  • I review your discovery form
  • I review anything you've pinned to a shared Pinterest board (if I'm working on your branding in any way)
  • I download all website content (word and images, videos, branding elements etc) that you've sent me
  • I review my notes from our welcome call
  • I research keywords people are searching for that apply to your industry so I can strategically use them in your website content
  • I create a Project Plan with ideas for reaching your goals and send it to you for your approval
  • You provide feedback on the Project Plan


Branding Phase

*This phase only applies if you have purchased a Custom Branding Add-On OR we are working on a One Page Website Design or a Quick Start Website Design together.

The fun part begins!  We will work together to create a cohesive brand for your business.  We will start with the overall look and feel and then use that to choose colors and fonts and create your logo(s), and other branding elements.  This phase typically lasts 4-7 days.

*One Page or Quick Start Website Designs include the creation of 1 logo.  This logo is not designed from scratch, but is created based on templates I already own.   

Before I can create this logo you will need to choose fonts and a color palette based on guidance that I give you.  In addition, if you want any other branding elements (patterns, icons etc), you will be responsible to create (or purchase) and provide those.

If you do not want to be responsible for your own branding, you can purchase a branding add-on package for $500.

  • You create a Pinterest board and share it with me
  • I provide Pinterest boards full of colors, logos and color palettes for you to browse through
  • You pin logos you like, and the fonts and color palette you choose to your board
  • I use the colors and fonts you choose to create one logo for you
  • I submit the logo to you for review
  • You provide feedback on your logo within and hour or two after I send it to you
  • I make any needed adjustments to your logo
  • I create a "mood board" based on items you've pinned to our shared Pinterest board. The mood board reflects the overall look and feel of your brand
  • I submit the mood board to you for approval
  • You provide feedback on the mood board within an hour after I send it to you
  • I use the mood board to choose fonts and colors for your brand
  • I create a logo and submark based on your mood board and using your fonts and colors
  • I create 2-4 patterns and any other branding elements we've agreed upon based on your mood board and using your colors and fonts
  • You provide feedback on your logos within 24 - 48 hours
  • I make any needed adjustments to your branding elements based on your feedback
  • I create branding guidelines for you in pdf format. This includes all colors, fonts, logos, patterns and other branding elements. It also includes written guidlines for how to use your branding elements and images on your website and in social media


Design Foundation Phase

This phase serves as the foundation of the rest of your website design. It begins with me install and configuring your hosting and website tools.  It ends with the design of your homepage.  It typically lasts 2-4 days.

  • I configure hosting for your website
  • I install and configure all tools / plugins I will be using on your website
  • I configure all settings on your website - title, tag line, color, fonts, etc
  • I create your website header and footer
  • I design your social icons
  • I design your website homepage
  • I submit your homepage design to you for feedback
  • You provide feedback on your homepage within 24-48 hours
  • I adjust your homepage design as needed and submit it to you again for final feedback
  • You provide feedback on your homepage with an hour or two


Design Phase

Once we’ve nailed the design of your homepage, I am then able to base the general style of your other pages on the overall look and feel of your homepage. 

  • I adjust your homepage as needed based on your feedback
  • I design your email opt-in forms
  • I design all other pages included in your package
  • You provide feedback to me on all other pages in your package with 24-48 hours
  • I adjust your other pages as needed based on your feedback
  • NOTE - Depending on the number of pages in your package, this may be split up a bit more. I will typically design 3-5 pages at a time and ask you to review them before moving on.
Emily Hey Friend Shop Headshot

Misty puts her whole heart into a project and is “ALL IN” in what she does.  She knocked it out of the park for me.  My site is designed well, function amazingly and is ready to grow as I need it to.

Emily- Hey Friend Shop, Quick Start Website


Testing and Launch Phase

During this phase we both work to make sure that everything on your site not only looks pretty, but functions well.  This takes 24-72 hours. Once completed, you launch your new site!

  • You spend 24-72 hour working thru your website as if you were a visitor and noting any issues - including on mobile and tablet
  • I test your site on various browser and multiple devices
  • I fix any issues we find
  • I push your site live when you are ready
  • You tell everyone about your new site - your email list, social media, family, friends etc.
  • You tell everyone about your new site - your email list, social media, family, friends etc.
  • I share your new site with my social media followers


Training, Feeback, and Support Phase

You will have access to training videos for each and every tool used on your website.  In addition, during the 60 days following your project completion date you have 30-90 minutes of free email support from me.

  • Whenever you feel ready, you complete a feedback form in your Project Portal so that I can continue to improve my process!
  • I add training videos to your Project Portal so you can learn how to use your new website
  • You watch the training videos and make note of any questions you have
  • You schedule a training call with me to get your questions answered (for Quick Start Website Designs and above)
  • You email me when / if you have additional questions
  • If you need additional support beyond your 30-90 minutes, you can purchase it 1 hour a time for $40 / hour (instead of $50)
  • If you need additonal support beyond your 60 days, you can purchase it in blocks of time (2 hours - $100, 4 hours - $180, or 8 hours - $320)

Project Portal Sneak Peek

Once you’ve secured a place on my schedule you will have access to a private Project Portal where you will find anything and everything related to your project.  Here’s a sneak peek at just what that looks like!