Private Blog Coaching with Misty Marsh

"Ever since I have received Misty's support and mentorship, my blog has skyrocketed."

"If you are looking for a blogging coach who is genuine, authentic, and truly cares, Misty is just who you need."

“I can’t speak highly enough of Misty’s skills, abilities, and sincerity. I have been blogging for many years, and I often felt like I was stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out the blogging world.

I wish I had found Misty ten years ago! Ever since I have received Misty’s support and mentorship, my blog has skyrocketed. She has helped me hone my vision, refine my unique blogging goals, and navigate the technical issues that come with the territory. Her knowledge base is broad and deep, and yet, she is personable and encouraging. She truly radiates the light of Christ, and I feel her light and love in every interaction and conversation we’ve had.

With Misty’s help, my overwhelm has finally lifted and I am moving forward toward my goals of spreading light through the online world. Thank you Misty, for sharing your light, your guidance, your caring, and your compassion!”

You are ready for Private Blog COaching with misty If:

  • You are serious about turning your blog into a legitimate business that provides passive income for your family
  • You have at least 15 hours per week to dedicate to your blog
  • You believe in spreading goodness and light online and are willing to give more than your followers expect

And you have a problem similar to one of the following:

You need a realistic schedule

You need a schedule – and systems – that allow you to balance blogging with being there for your kids & husband.  You don’t want them to come second, but somehow that is exactly what happens time and again.  They hear “just a minute” and “not right now” far too often and date night hasn’t happened in months. 

Email marketing baffles you

You’ve heard email marketing is the key to earning passive income as a blogger.  Stats like “you can earn around $1 / month for each subscriber on your list” catch your interest, but how to actually make that a reality is a complete mystery.  You’ve tried all the online tips you can find, but still aren’t seeing a convincing return on investment in YOUR situation.

You love serving but you need income

You started your blog to help others – and continuing to serve is non-negotiable for you – but you also need your blog to start bringing in money soon.  You are cautious as to what you spend money on because all the “expert” bloggers have different opinions.  You’d really like someone to take a look at your unique situation and tell you what to invest your time and money into so that your blog can start contributing income to your family.

Selling makes you sweat

You’d love to sell a product you dreamed up and created yourself.  But you’re scared!  What should you create?  How do you market it without feeling spammy?  What do you charge?  When – and how – and how often – do you tell people about it? How do you set up the tech stuff?  What if you spend time and money and no one wants it?  So you stick with ads, a few affiliate products – or worse – nothing – no income at all.

One-on-one Blog Coaching

The time I make available for private blog coaching is very limited.  This is intentional.  I spend the majority of my time providing free articles here on my website that help large numbers of women at once.  

 I don’t want you to sign up for private coaching unless you truly need it.  But if you are looking to fast track your success and see changes in your blog and family life NOW, then you need something more personalized than an article written for thousands of women.  You need private coaching. I dig deep with my coaching clients and work with them on issues specific to their businesses.  

$100 / Hour

  • Ask questions and get answers via Marco Polo (a video texting app) so that we can both fit it into our schedules when it suits our families.  This also maximizes your time. Since I can listen to your questions on 2x speed, what might take you 10 minutes to explain will only “cost” you 5 minutes of time.
  • Purchase as little as 1 hour at a time – I don’t want you to purchase more time than you need and end up frustrated

You will be able to choose the number of hours when you checkout.

A Blogging Coach that "get's It"

I’ve had success as a blogger, but it wasn’t overnight success like many other “coaches” claim.  It wasn’t easy at all.  It took time and patience.  And my family paid a price.  They didn’t always come first.  Balance was hard.  I wish I’d started serious email marketing sooner.  I wish I’d created my own product sooner.  I wish I’d focused on SEO and branding sooner.  Honestly?  It was so hard that I prayed many times asking if I could quit.  The answer was “Not Yet” for a long time.

Then, I finally figured it out – I felt (mostly) balanced.  My family came first.  I figured out the passive income thing.  I could take weeks off and still earn.  I was earning around $0.70 per email subscriber per month.  I had eBooks, printed books and eCourses.  I was helping tens of thousand of people – many for free.  It was finally FUN.

Then, the answer came – “It’s time to quit“.  I sold my site.  I wondered what was next.  I started designing a few websites here and there.  I wanted to help new bloggers and design is hard when you can’t code.  I felt helpful, but there was still something missing.  There was something else.

In the summer of 2019 it came – God didn’t let me quit because He needed me to learn how to authentically serve and spread goodness online without sacrificing income or putting my family second.  He needed me to learn so that I could teach others – so I could teach you.

And I want to helps LOTS of women, so it is my goal to have hundreds of super-duper in depth articles on blogging available for free.  But maybe you are ready for a deep dive into your specific business.  If so, I’d love to work with you!

Got Questions?

Anything related to blogging such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • Time Management / Balance
  • SEO
  • Creating and marketing your own products
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web design
  • Tech stuff
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Branding
  • Hiring help

Marco Polo is a video messaging app.  I L-O-V-E it for a few reasons:

  • You can show me what you need help with instead of just trying to explain it.  Have tech issue?  Show me?  Wondering about how to make your website look better? Show me.  It is also easier for me to show you in an answer.  This saves so much time - time you are paying for!
  • I can give you more time.  Since I can listen to your questions on 2x speed, what might take you 10 minutes to explain will only "cost" you 5 minutes of time.
  • It's great for busy moms.  I get what it is like to have a coaching call set up that you've paid a LOT for only to have a kid sick and home or bored that keeps interrupting.  You don't really end up getting the full hour because of the interruptions.  With Marco Polo, when your kid interrupts, you can hit pause, help them, and then come back and finish.  You aren't paying me to watch you give your kid the attention they need.  You can fit it in when it works for your family - because they truly should come first.

I suggest starting with an hour or two less than you think you'll need - you can even start with just one hour if you want!  If we get to the end of your time and you want to keep going, you can book another hour - just know that each hour you book will be another day - at the end of my schedule.

You may cancel or reschedule your 1-on-1 coaching with 72 hours notice without any fee. If you cancel or reschedule less than 72 hours but more than 24 hours before, you will be charged a $25 fee since it is unlikely I will be able to fill your spot. If you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before your appointment, you will be charged the full $75 for your hour.

For the group coaching, you can cancel at anytime, but anything already paid is not refundable.

5 Simple Tips that will increase your success with Email marketing

Each tip takes just minutes to implement.  Grow your list and increase your open and click rates so you can impact more people and earn more income.

5 Simple Tips That Will Increase your success with email marketing

Plus, once you’ve had a few days to implement those 5 tips, I’ll:

  1. Teach you how to keep the emails you send out of spam so you get more eyes on emails you’re already sending and
  2. Give you 5 email templates to help you give new your new subscribers a warm welcome so they’ll open more of your future emails

Plus, over the next week I’ll:

  1. Teach you how to keep the emails you send out of spam 
  2. Give you 5 email templates to give new your new subscribers a warm welcome 

By clicking this button you are giving me permission to email you and I am promising to keep your email address private and only use it to email you about blogging and related matters.

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