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mom working on her business

How to overcome perfectionism as a mompreneur w/Ceri Payne

The Goodness Squad Podcast Episode #102 [fusebox_track_player url=”” background=”#ffffff” title=”How to overcome perfectionism as a mompreneur w/Ceri Payne” social=”false” ] Show Notes: Perfectionism can prevent you from moving forward in your business. That’s why I have always believed in and preached Done is better than Perfect. Maybe you don’t agree...

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About The Show:

The world is shifting toward more digital and virtual interaction, and according to President Kimball, God wants Latter-Day Saint women to be seen as distinct and different in happy ways.  You can have a profound impact on our worldwide community right from your own home using a website. 

The world needs YOU because no one else can make the impact or reach the people that YOU can.

On the Goodness Squad Podcast, you’ll learn to make money from your website.  That money will magnify who you are – it will help you spread goodness and light, connect with your family, reach your goals and bless others.

If that is what you want, you’ve found a community of like-minded women in The Goodness Squad.  Welcome!

About The host:

I’ve been an online momprenuer since 2008.  I’ve had failed businesses and 6-figure business and I want to be your shortcut to success WITHOUT slimy sales techniques or tech tears.

I’m crazy about empowering Latter-day Saint women to DIY their own stunning drag-and-drop websites so they can attract – and help – their superfans and make money from home with kids under their feet.

So glad you are here!