For YEARS I have looked for a list of Latter-day Saint bloggers/influencers.  But I couldn’t find it.  So, I’ve set out to create one, and I want it to be the Ultimate, most extensive list out there.  You can see the current list HERE.  Make sure you check it out so you know what kind of info I’m hoping to get from you in order to make you look as amazing as possible!

I’m hoping this list will connect Latter-day Saints with quality Latter-day Saint bloggers and podcasters and influencers of all types.  I want them to know you are out there and that you are doing great things! 

My team member, Audra will be adding your info to the post as you submit it, but it might take her up to a week.  She will let you know when your information is live.

Last, please tell anyone you know of that should be on this list to come sign up!

Latter-day Saint Blogger Submission

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