The Good Start Game Plan

How to Create a Game plan for online business success without sacrificing your home-centered focus

The wise woman built her house

And her online business

On A Rock

Will Your Business Thrive?

It Can, if you build it on a firm foundation

If you:

You need a business foundation

Why is it

That we understand a house without a foundation will fall, but don’t build one for our businesses and are surprised when things don’t go as well as we’d hoped?

Welcome! I'm Misty Marsh

I built The Good Start Game Plan course for you

I’m a mom of 4 kids, and I’ve built 4 online businesses since the oldest (twins) were born in 2007. The first business was a couponing blog, which failed, then a Preparedness website, which I successfully sold in early 2018, and, most recently, a web-design service-based business that I closed in late 2019 to start this business.  

Through coaching many Latter-day Saint women, I realized that a weak business foundation is at the root of almost all the issues you face in your business.

My first business failed because I had no foundation, and my 2nd floundered for years until I went back and retrofitted a firm foundation.  I want you to learn from my failures – and my success so you can:

  • Move past discouragement and fear as you follow the path God has called you to
  • Find the people you are meant to serve and be confident in and passionate about what you have to offer them
  • Let go of the mom guilt because you are finally able to be physically AND mentally present with your kids

Built with busy moms in mind

Designed to Change you

What you will learn

Who it's For

Start (or retrofit) your business foundation now

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can jump in with both feet without a foundation.  

Course Curriculum

Just you have to excavate dirt before you can build your home's foundation, there are things you need to remove from your mind before you can build your Good Start Game Plan.

In this module we will discuss how to change the following problematic mindsets:

  • The internet is evil
  • I can only be online if I'm sharing the gospel
  • Earning money while sharing the gospel is priestcraft
  • My online following is too small to make a difference
  • Moms should wait until their kids are gone before pursuing a business
  • My talent or interest wouldn't work online
  • No one will pay for what I offer
  • I hate selling
  • I'm not tech saavy
  • I can't succeed because we are in a recession (Coronovirus)

The next step in building a basement foundation is to lay the footings.

The footings for your business' game plan are your boundaries.  In this module we will discuss:

  • What your dream life looks like 5 years from now
  • What your key and top priorities are and why both matter
  • Having a family council to determine what boundaries you need to set on your business
  • Writing a contract with your family
  • How to say no politely
  • Practical tips for keeping  your boundaries
  • How to decide when it might be okay to cross a boundary 

Once your footings have been poured, you need to give them time to cure.

In your business, this means putting organizational habits into place so that you are better enabled to honor your boundaries.

We will discuss:

  • How to structure your online filing system
  • How to organize your gmail inbox
  • How to use Trello to capture ideas
  • Creating systems in your business that save time and improve productivity
  • How to structure your day
  • Practical tips for balancing your business and your family
  • How to prepare for your first hire - way before you actually do it - so that when you are ready you can jump right in
  • Setting your first 90 day goal
  • Creating a website launch plan

Once your footings are ready to go, you can now build your basement walls.  The walls give support to the rest of the house, but they also provide a boundary of sorts - your home not built outside of those walls.

In your business, your walls are your superpower.  It is the unique set of soft skills, hard skills and passions that make you, well you.  You are unlike anyone else and to succeed in a content marketing business, you must understand and embrace your superpower.  We will discuss:

Your kryptonite

  • Your soft skills
  • Your hard skills
  • Your passions
  • How to find where all 3 interesect
  • How to build a content marketing business within the framework of your superpower

After you basement walls are complete, you need to treat and waterproof them.  

In your business, you will "waterproof" your superpower by determining what problems you can actually solve using your superpower.  We will cover:

  • Digging deep into who exactly it is you WANT to serve and help (aka your ideal customer)
  • How to find out what problems your ideal customer has
  • How to determine exactly what words/language they use to describe their problems


It's time to complete your foundation with a ceiling (of the basement)/floor (of the rest of your house).

In your business, this is your solution to your ideal customer(s) problems.  We will cover:

  • How to discover what solutions are already available
  • How to create a list of ideas for solving those problems that are unique from what is already out there
  • Re-arranging your list in a step-by-step manner (which problem do you need to solve first, second, last?)
  • Creating a solution path outline for your followers

"Ever since I have received Misty's support and mentorship, my blog has skyrocketed."

What Jamie Thinks

“I can’t speak highly enough of Misty’s skills, abilities, and sincerity. I have been blogging for many years, and I often felt like I was stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out the blogging world.

I wish I had found Misty ten years ago! Ever since I have received Misty’s support and mentorship, my blog has skyrocketed. She has helped me hone my vision, refine my unique blogging goals, and navigate the issues that come with the territory.

Her knowledge base is broad and deep, and yet, she is personable and encouraging. She truly radiates the light of Christ, and I feel her light and love in every interaction and conversation we’ve had.

With Misty’s help, my overwhelm has finally lifted and I am moving forward toward my goals of spreading light through the online world. Thank you Misty, for sharing your light, your guidance, your caring, and your compassion!”




Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do not have a monopoly on goodness!  If you want to balance spreading goodness and serving with selling and earning an income, then you will fit right in here.


I do quote leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the course, and I will relate best to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, simply because I am one!  But I will not push my religion on anyone.  


In addition, all of the skills I teach will apply regardless of your religious affiliation.  While the majority of the women I coach and work closely with are Latter-day Saints, not all of them are, and I welcome the friendship of many more!


The course opened for enrollment on Thursday, April 2nd at noon.  You will have access to the first module as soon as you enroll.


The 2nd module will be released one week later, the 3rd two weeks later and so on.


You will have lifetime access to the course and can work through it at your own pace.

You will need access to a computer, a Facebook account, a printer (if you want to print out the worksheets) and a google account

No problem!  If I do not exceed your expectations with this course, you may request a refund anytime within the first 30 days - no questions asked.

You can contact Misty directly inside the course and she will respond within 72 hours (and often much sooner).


You will also be able to join Misty for weekly office hours online where you can ask her questions live.

Just send me an email at

If you Fail to Plan, you are planning to fail

(Benjamin Franklin)

Start (or retrofit) your business foundation now

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