Get the important stuff done in your business

(aka the stuff that solves problems for others and makes you money)

Business strategy and planning + someone to get it all done

Your business exhausts you

You’ve spent far too much $$$$ and time on

You’re swimming in knowledge, mindset and motivation.  What you don’t have is the ability to actually put it all into action so you can get the important stuff done in your business and start moving the needle.

You feel called to be here, but you must start making money or you can't do this anymore

Ready to feel giddy excited about your business again?

This isn’t business coaching.  It’s an opportunity to get the right stuff done in your business.


With my help you will:

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Get it done coaching has 3 steps:


Fill out the application below to apply for a spot.  I’ll get back to you within a week with my availability and how to make a deposit to secure a spot on my waiting list.


The week before your start date, we’ll meet via Zoom to discuss your business.  We’ll strategize together exactly how you will make money and what needs to be done first, next, and last to make that happen.


We’ll both leave the meeting with things we need to do in order to make our plan a reality.  You’ll get to do the stuff you love and I’ll do the rest.

Rinse and repeat for as long as you need me

Get It Done Coaching Includes:

Strategy Call(s)

You'll kick off your coaching with a video strategy call. During this 1-2 hour call we will dig deep into your business goals and the best way to help you reach them. Ultimately, we will plan exactly how you will make money in your business. You can continue to book a 15 minute strategy call each week as needed.

Step By Step Plan

After our call I will write up a detailed step-by-step plan for your business. This plan will include exactly what you need to do and what I need to do each week. The purpose of this plan is to give you a very detailed picture of exactly what needs to get done to reach the goals you have for your business. It will keep both of us on track and focused on what's most important.

1.5 hours weekly

Each week I will spend 1.5 hours getting stuff done for your business. I'll do the stuff you don't want to do - often that is tech stuff - but I can also design an eBook, help write emails, create social media graphics etc.! Or, if you need more than the allotted 15 min to strategize one week, we can schedule a longer call that week - it's up to you!

Marco Polo Access

You will have Marco Polo access to me. Have a question about something on your to-do list? Reach out! I'll get back to you within 48 hours max and typically much sooner.

Hi, I'm Misty!

Let's get Important stuff done together!

I believe God has people for you to help online

People only you can help.  More important than what you are selling is how to treat those you are selling it to.  As you are Christ-like in your interactions, you will be SEEN as distinct and different in the online business world because HE is distinct and different.

I know you are burnt out and stuck

Business coaching is great – it is needed.  Knowledge and mindset and strategy are important, but they only get you so far. If you can’t put what you are learning into action, you will never truly move the needle on your business. 

I want you to make money with integrity

It isn’t all about the money.  I want you to run your business in a way that solves problems for people and truly blesses their lives.  Interestingly, one key to doing exactly that is to make money. When you get the right stuff done in the right order, you will make more money AND help more people.

This isn't business coaching

it's so much more

Business Coaching

Get It Done Coaching

1.5 hours of my time each week.  I'll do the stuff you don't want to do or don't know how to do.

Video calls:

  • 1 initial 1-2 hour strategy call where we work together to figure out what needs to happen first, 2nd and last in your business so you can make money and reach your goals.
  • An additional 15 min call each week as needed to clarify or adjust our strategy and plan.

We will have access to a step-by-step to-do list.  We will both have weekly assignments.  You will know exactly what to work on in your business each week.

Marco polo access to me.  Reach out anytime and I'll get back to you within 48 hours (and often sooner)

4 weeks of Get it done coaching is just $1200

8 week minimum commitment.

A $600 deposit (that applies toward your total payment) is required to get on my waiting list. 

Is Get It Done Coaching Right For You?




We will decide this together during our initial call.  I will help you prioritize what needs to be done first, next and later.

Then you will decide which of those things you want to do yourself and which you'd like me to do for you.  If there is something you either 1). don't want to do it or 2). don't know how to do, I will do it for you.

I most often work on implementing the tech needed in your business.  Things like:

  • Setting up a membership site
  • Setting up a store
  • Setting up complicated email automation
  • Moving your website to WordPress from another platform
  • Setting up a podcast
  • Speeding up your website
  • Setting up delivery of a freemium/lead magnet
  • Setting up the Tech needed for a funnel to work properly
  • Moving you from one email service provider to another
  • Setting up tools like Honeybook or Infinity
  • Moving you from Click Funnels to WordPress
  • Setting up a email address

I also often do design & copy work:

  • Writing and designing a sales page
  • Designing an eBook
  • Creating social media graphics
  • Designing a freemium/lead magnet
  • "Upgrading" your copy - meaning I take something you've written (an email or sales page) and change it up so it is more effective and getting your people to take action

Other things I've done include:

  • Optimizing pages on your website for SEO (so you can be found by search engines)
  • Optimizing pages on your website for social sharing (so you control the picture and words that appear on Facebook etc. when a post is shared)
  • Cleaning up your website - organizing it and removing unnecessary weight

Most people on my waiting list wait 3-6 months. After you fill out an application I will give you an approximate start date based on my current client load.


There is no way for me to give you an exact start date as I don't know how long my current clients will decide to work with me. I do require 2 weeks' notice from them if they want to commit to another 4 weeks, and I will use this info to keep you updated on your estimated start date each month.


Once the client you are waiting on has a firm end date, you will get a firm start date and we will schedule our initial 1-2 hour call. This call will be held at least a week before your start date so that you have time to get things ready to go.

Your first payment will be a $600 non-refundable deposit to secure a spot on my waiting list.


Your next payment will be due on your start date.  This will also be $600.


Full ($1200) payment for your 2nd month will be made 2 weeks after your start date (which is 2 weeks before the beginning of your 2nd month).


After that, you will pay $1200 every 4 weeks for as long as you work with me.  Each payment is due 2 weeks before the end of the current 4-week period.  Making your payment is the way I know you want to continue working with me for another 4 weeks.  If you don't make the payment, your spot will be opened up to someone on my waiting list.


If today was Jan 18th and your start date were April 23rd this is what your payment schedule would look like:

  • Jan 18th: $600
  • April 23rd: $600
  • May 7th: $1200

If you wanted to continue beyond the minimum 8 weeks (so beyond June 18th):

  • June 4th: $1200
  • July 2nd: $1200 
  • Etc.




We can work together for as long as you find it helpful.


You will need to let me know 2 weeks before your scheduled end date if you'd like to continue work with me so I can keep those joining my waiting list informed about when their start date will be.  You do this by making the next payment in full.  If you don't make your payment, your spot will be opened up to someone on my waiting list.


See the answer to "How does payment work?" above for more info.

Oftentimes, the things I do for you will rely on you completing things before my workday that week (typically Wednesdays).  For example, if I am going to be designing a sales page for you, I will need your website login and images etc. by Tuesday night. 


You will know when everything is due as soon as I create our plan (a few days after our initial call).  If you have concerns about the timeline, please let me know asap so we can update it accordingly.

Vacations, sickness, and holidays will affect this timeline in the following ways:





If I am unable to work for you on our scheduled day (typically Wednesdays) because of a vacation, I will let you know ahead of time and will move your work to a different day that week or work 3 hours instead of 1.5 the week previous or following.  



If you plan to take a vacation, please let me know asap.  I will ask that you complete your work before your vacation so I can continue to work for you while you are gone.


However, I know this won't always be possible, so you will have one "free" week for every 6 months that you work with me. This means you can simply take one week off without paying for it once every 6 months.  I will either refund $300 or reduce your next payment by $300. 



Longer holiday breaks (Christmas, Fall break, Spring break) will be built into your schedule.  For example, I take 2 full weeks off for Christmas.  This means that you would have an extra 2 weeks between payments during that time.  You will still get 4 weeks work of work, but will have 6 weeks between payments because I won't be working for 2 of those weeks.


Shorter holidays (4th of July, Easter, Memorial day etc.) that fall on your workday will be treated like a vacation.





If I am unable to complete scheduled work for you due to sickness, I will do my best to move that work to another day.  If I am unable to do so, I will refund you $300 or reduce your next payment by $300.



If you do not get what I need to me on time due to sickness or any other reason, I will do my best to move your work to another day. I am often able to do this. but it won't always be possible as I have other clients and my own business needs. 


If your work is late more than twice, I will begin charging a $75 rush fee to move your work to a different day. 


If for some reason I can't move your work to another day that week, you will simply forfeit your 1.5 hours with me that week.

Apply now!

I always have a 3-6+ month waiting list.  If you want my help to get stuff done in your business, apply asap.


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