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Finishing up Season Two. We have discussed all the things you need to do in order to have a product ready to sell this upcoming holiday season. Listen in to hear what's coming up in Season Three.

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The Goodness Squad: Welcome to the goodness squad. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. Welcome to the goodness squad.

Misty:  This is episode #46 of The Goodness Squad podcast. Welcome. In this episode, we're going to look backward. We're going to look at where we've come over the last couple of months in Season 2 of The Goodness Squad podcast. I'm going to give you a recap of everything that you've learned and let you know that you've got this. You can do this. You can create a product. Then we're going to jump ahead and look at what's coming next in Season 3.


So what is the purpose of Season 2 of The Goodness Squad podcast? My goal is for you to have a product created and ready to sell by Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years. This is such a fantastic time for you to have something to sell because people are ready to buy. I want you to take this seriously, use what you have learned to get that product created in time.


So, what have we covered in Season 2 of the podcast? We started with mindset and some of the mindset hangups that we have that can keep us from creating products, from asking for money. We talked about, in episode 30, how earning money actually doesn't just bless us, but it blesses other people. When we earn money, we are helping others.


We can donate more to the causes that mean a lot to us. But beyond that, there are many other ways in which others are blessed when we charge money. In episode 31, we talked about why content marketing is such a good fit for Latter-day Saint women. There were two reasons. First, it allows us to earn money and serve. With content marketing, you can still serve for free. It also allows us to create, and that is God-like. All right.


In episode number 32, we talked about the difference between having a business and having a hobby. I gave you two ways in which you can treat this like a business instead of just a hobby or a side hustle that's kinda sorta there.


Then we moved on to four concrete steps that you can take in order to begin earning money from your content marketing business. So those four steps, episodes 33, 34, 35, and 36 were, know the problem you solve, who you solve it for and how you solve it. Episode 34, make sure that you get leads. Take all that social media traffic and push it toward an email list so that when you do have something to sell, you have people to sell it to. Step number three in episode 35, sell a solution to the problem that you solve. You must sell something and it should be a solution to one of the problems that you found out about, or that you learned about in step number one. And step number four, which was episode 36 is to actually ask for the sale. It seems obvious but it's oftentimes forgotten.


After those four concrete steps that you can take, we jumped into some concerns, some objections that you might have in marketing terms of why you still may not be ready or want or feel confident in selling a product. The first of these is, I'm already selling something and it's not working very well. So in episode 37, I gave you one simple tip for selling more of something that you already have.


In episode 38, we talked about how to fight imposter syndrome. I gave you seven different things you can do to fight imposter syndrome if you feel like you don't belong in this space, that there is somebody who does things better than you, that you're afraid you're going to get found out as a fraud. Then this episode is for you. Every marketer, every entrepreneur feels imposter syndrome. You are not alone and you can fight it.


And episode number 38, we addressed what to give away and what to charge for. What is it that you give people for free? And what do you actually sell? This is a very common hangup. It feels like a big hurdle, but it doesn't have to be. I gave you three different perspectives and ways to look at this problem to help you figure out the answer to that question.


In episode, number 40, we dove into affiliate marketing. So if you're still sitting there thinking that you just aren't ready to create a digital product, I've got your back. You can be an affiliate marketer. You can recommend other people's products. You won't have to take the time to create it, have the overhead to ship it or the support to answer questions about it. But affiliate marketing, it has to be done right to be effective. So if this is you and you fall into that category, make sure you go listen to episode number 40.


In episode number 41, we talked about how to create a product that you know is going to sell, because why should you invest time and money create a product when you aren't confident people are actually going to buy it. And in episode number 41, I addressed this with you and tell you exactly what to do in order to create a product you know people are going to want to buy.


In episode number 42, we addressed how long is it going to take? How much money am I going to have to spend? How much time am I going to have to invest in order to be able to sell my product? What's the reality around that? How quickly can you be profitable?


Then I interviewed three different women with different backgrounds, women with different, completely different businesses. None of whom are marketing business to business, like I am. These are people who are in the trenches with you, the tech overwhelms them. They are new to the marketing, but they have something incredible to give. You heard from Joy of, Kristen from, and Michelle of I hope that listening to them was empowering to you. As you heard real-life stories of women who are pushing through the obstacles and really doing what they feel called to do, you can do the same.


So where do we go from here? You now know how to create a product. Once again, if you're still struggling, jump on my email list, go to I have 159 ideas for products that you could create there. But what's next? What do you do now? Well, you need to have someone to sell your product to. We touched on this in episode number 34, when we talked about needing to build an email list, but if you're brand new to content marketing, then that episode probably left you wanting. You probably had a zillion questions at the end of that episode.


We are going to answer all of those questions in Season 3 of The Goodness Squad podcast, where we cover email marketing, how to create a freemium, what a good idea is for a freemium, why you need a freemium, what a freemium even is, how to collect email addresses. We're going to go through it all. What to send them after you've got them on your email list, how do you sell to them without feeling sleazy and slimy?


I am going to answer all your questions in Season 3 of The Goodness Squad podcast. Now you should know I am going to take a week off. I just launched Tech School. Hopefully, you have joined and are a member of Tech School. You have until Tuesday the 6th at 10:00 PM to enroll in Tech School at the $19 and $39 price point. But back to what I was saying, I am going to take a break. We will start Season 3 of The Goodness Squad podcast on Monday, October 12th. I'll see you there. Okay.

You need to have someone to sell your product to!

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