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You can read all about that here: The Process - What it's really like to work with Misty


Copy (the words on a page) is your responsibility.


I do however, provide a lot of support.  I will give you outlines of what you need for each page and well as general tips for making sure your copy is effective.


I also have a good amount of experience with copy.  I've written this website and owned other successful websites.  I've taken 2 different courses on copy.


After you have written your copy, I will provide feedback and make strategic changes that I believe would help and improve the effectiveness of your website in reaching your goals.

Great question!  I'm so glad you asked - that tells me you are serious about working collaboratively.


Plus, being upfront about what I will need from you is one way I ensure this process is seamless and enjoyable for you. I want to be sure you can plan ahead and not feel overwhelmed, frazzled, or confused.


I ask that:

  1. You make your payments on time
  2. You purchase a domain www.yoururl.com - I recommend NameCheap (Affiliate Link)
  3. You take your time when filling out the discovery form I send so I can become fully immersed in your needs and goals
  4. You provide your own website content (the words that go on the page and any specific videos, images or other content) by the due dates we set together
  5. You provide branding guidelines (If I am not working with you on branding) by the due dates we set together
  6. You provide timely feedback on designs by the due dates we set together
  7. You take over the cost of hosting your website with Flywheel (Affiliate link)- or move it to a webhost of your choice - once your free hosting period is completed. 
  8. You reach out anytime you have a question.  It is important to me that you never feel like you are not a part of this process

Yep!  You will make 3 payments:


Payment #1

Your first payment is 50% of the total cost of your project. It will be due the day I add you to my schedule - which is after we've had a "Get to Know You" call.  This is typically weeks - or even months before your actual project start date.


Payment #2

Your 2nd payment is 25% of the total cost of your project.  It will be due 4 days before your project start date.


Payment #3

The last 25% of your total project cost is not due until the entire project is finished.  You will make this payment after all revisions are final, but before I actually turn over ownership of the site to you.


I do not work full time.

I want to offer you my best possible work and if I get burned out, that isn't possible.

So, I only work a few days a week and only a few hours each day.  I am available:

  • Tuesdays from 8:00 am - 2:30 pm MT
  • Thursdays from 8:00 am - 2:30 pm MT
  • Fridays from 10:00 am - 12:30 pm MT



All clients are required to make a 50% deposit in order to reserve a spot on my schedule.

The time I set aside for you is time I cannot set aside for someone else.  Please do not reserve a spot on my schedule unless you are sure you'd like to work with me.

I provide as much information here on my site as I possible can - I believe in transparency.  You can find my prices, my process, everything that is included in my signature offerings and exactly what it is like to work me me.

In addition, I offer a free "Get to Know You Call" so you can "meet" me face to face before reserving a spot on my schedule.

However, I do understand that life is not always 100% predictable.  If something significant comes up and you need to change your start date, I can often work with that as long as I am given ample notice.


I have had some horrible experiences with various cheap hosts.  I don't want you to have to go through that.

If you want to read more about why I don't recommend cheap hosting and what I recommend instead, you can find an article HERE.

But it can be tough to convince you not to go with a cheap host with words alone.   I get it!  I've been there!  When you are just starting out, every penny counts!

So, instead of just telling you to use a quality host, I pay for you to do so for 3-6 months.


I feel very strongly about giving you my absolute best work.  If I'm rushed - you won't get my best.

In fact, I don't even work full time because I don't want to get burned out.  If I'm burned out you won't get my best either.



You will get 30-90 minutes of free maintenance with your signature service.

If you need more than that in the 60 days following your project completion date, you can purchase it 1 hour at a time for a discounted rate of $40 per hour.

After those 60 days you can purchase blocks of time as listed below:

  • 2 hours for $100
  • 4 hours for $180
  • 8 hours for $320

You will then have a "reserve" of time with me that you can use as needed.  You will have 60 days to use your "reserve".

Please note that simply because you have purchased time does not always mean that you will immediately be moved to the front of my schedule when you have a need.

I typically leave some "wiggle room" between large projects and can fill that time with some maintenance projects occasionally.  So you won't always get moved to the end of my schedule either.

But you will typically need to wait at least a week or two and sometime longer.

*The links to Elementor Pro below are affiliate links.


Elementor Pro is a Website Page builder AND a WordPress Theme Builder.

It is a tool that makes it possible to design your WordPress websites thru a drap and drop interface.  I have tried many different page builders and Elementor Pro is hands down the best I've ever used.

Most page builders do not  allow for drag and drop design of things like headers, footer and sidebars.  But  Elementor Pro does!  This is what makes it a WordPress Theme Builder.  This means that once your design is complete, you will be able to change it up anytime all on your own without having to hire a designer again.


If you were to purchase Elementor Pro on  your own, it would cost $49 / year.


For this reason, I have purchased a developers license for Elementor Pro which means I can install it on your website and you will have lifetime updates without having to pay a thing.


*Lifetime means the lifetime of my business.  While I don't anticipate this, if I ever decide to stop designing, I will let you know at least 1 year in advance of relinquishing my Elementor Pro license.  You can then choose to purchase your own license if you so choose.

*The links to Elementor Pro below are affiliate links.

Elementor is a free plugin.  But it is far more limited than Elementor Pro.

It has far fewer options, the most important of which is that it is a page builder only.  It is not a WordPress Theme Builder. This means you cannot use it to design your headers, footers and sidebars.

It also does not include the popup builder.

*The links to Elementor Pro below are affiliate links.


I have a developers License for Elementor Pro.  This means I can install it on your website and you have lifetime access to it and will receive any and all updates to the product.

Elementor also provide many quality tutorials and articles on how to use Elementor Pro.  These are free and available to anyone.

But if you want to be able to contact Elementor support directly with questions, you will need to purchase your own separate license which you can do HERE.