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Get a custom-looking money-making design without the $3500 custom price tag

New templates added approximately monthly

I know, I know.....
you don't think you'll be able to figure it out yourself

You are tech allergic

You’re disillusioned because you’ve spent so many unproductive hours trying to figure out your website

You've tried before and failed

You bought a gorgeous WordPress theme that promised it’d be easy to edit, but when you tried, it was a colossal fail you were embarrassed to send people to

WordPress....say what?

Words like WordPress, child theme, and cpanel leave you wishing there was someone you could ask “Explain it to me like I’m 5, please” 

You've wasted $ before

You’ve invested $$$$$ in a designer before who created a stunning website, but it didn’t convert visitors into clients or customers

When I say easy to edit, I mean it

That change there? It took me 12 minutes

It might take you 20-30 minutes the first time you try

All templates are built using Elementor – the best drag and drop website builder for WordPress.  That means non-code wizards can keep all the benefits of WordPress while being able to edit your own site.  Stop paying $$$$ to a developer or designer for a few simple changes (or a full re-design)!

Plus I've Got Your Back

Let’s be real – you are going to run into a snag or two. That’s just how online tech works.  But no worries, you’ll DIY your template with my support in your back pocket.

Step by step tutorial videos

I’ll walk you through it all.  Setting up WordPress? Check. Creating a staging site? Check. What to write? Check. Installing the necessary plugins? Check. Changing colors? Check. 

1 month free access to "Ask Me Anything"

Think you broke something? Can’t get it to look like you want it to? Not sure what you write? Submit a question directly to me and I’ll create a video answer for you – I’ll even log into your site if I need to!

It'll be pretty...
And Well Written

You can get all sorts of pretty website templates from all sorts of “designers” these days. But good web design is less about looks and more about results. These templates give you both.

Built using the MAP (Money And Progress) Method

I’ll walk you through the entire strategy of a well-built website using my MAP method.  The MAP method is mapped (see what I did there) out for you on every page so you know exactly what to write and what to put where.

Turn Visitors into clients & cutomers

A great first impression is essential, and your gorgeous new website will make a great one, but first impressions only get you so far.  Build your website using the MAP method and you’ll make money while your visitors progress, grow, and improve their lives.

Every page is mapped out for you

Every page is mapped out for you

Put the mAP Method to work for you:


Get a custom looking design that converts visitors to clients & customers without the $3500 custom price tag

Hey there! I'm Misty

You didn’t start your business to spend all day searching YouTube for “How to change the colors on my website


You started your business because you feel called to help a group of people with a talent or gift God has blessed you with.  Let me do the heavy (tech) lifting so you can focus on what God has actually asked you to do.

Why WordPress


WordPress make it easy for a novice to optimize your site for SEO. This means you'll be able to make sure your pages and posts will be "read" by Google (and other search engines) so they have the possibility of turning up in search results

No limits

I've had client's who've built on other platforms (Kajabi, Podia, Showit, Wix, Weebly) who come back months or years later wanting WordPress b/c there are too many things they can't do on their other platform. WordPress has 45k+ plugins (addons) and will grow with your business.

Everything in one place

It stinks to have your website one place, your blog over there, your membership yonder, and your shop somewhere else. With WordPress, everything's in one place.

Why Elementor

Ease of use

Wordpress is HARD if you don't know how to code. Unless, you have a drag and drop theme builder. Elementor allows you to customize your website without code. There are other Theme builders that could do this as well, but I like Elementor the best for these reasons:

Mobile Design

I have yet to find a website builder (WordPress or otherwise) that makes designing for different size screens so easy. It'll do 90% of the work automatically AND give you really granular control to make sure your site is optimized for the 50%+ people who view it there.

Features and Tools

I've used most every WordPress website builder out there. I was frustrated by limitations in most of them, but I've yet to find something I want to do design-wise that I can't do with Elementor or it's addons. Plus, it integrates well with thousands of other WordPress plugins.

snag your Drag and Drop WordPress template now


Get a custom looking design that converts visitors to clients & customers without the $3500 custom price tag

New templates added approximately monthly


I'm so glad you asked!  You will get more support with these templates than you can find anywhere (okay, I can't know that for sure, but I've never seen this level of support).


In addition to the tutorial videos (which you'd likely get if you purchased a template elsewhere), you get access to Ask Me Anything for a full month when you purchase a template.


Can't figure out how to change  background picture?  Ask me in Ask Me Anything!  I'll log into your site and show you.


Struggling with a piece of copy?  Ask me in Ask Me Anything!  You can even ask me on a live call and we can discuss it together.


And did I mention the tutorial videos?  Sure, you'll get videos that walk you through setting up your templates - they are step- by step, super short, and searchable (yes, you can search the actual videos). But you also get:


  • Tutorials that walk you through setting up WordPress (including your hosting) if you are new to WordPress
  • Tutorials that walk you through setting up a staging site if you have an existing website (so you can work on your redesign in the background while you visitor still seamlessly access your live site)
  • A course in copywriting all wrapped up in a template. It isn't an actual course with modules or anything, but as I walk you through designing your template, I also walk you through what to write and why to write it.

3 things:

  • They aren't just design templates.  They are also swipe files - meaning they include a MAP for what to write.  Plus, the tutorial videos go into even more depth about what to write and why to write it that way - you're getting a course in copywriting all wrapped up in a template.
  • You can actually edit them - they aren't a theme.  They are drag and drop templates that allow you to edit your theme - every single piece of it.
  • The support - check out the answer to "what type of support comes with my template" above

Absolutely.  This is one of the main reasons I LOVE using Elementor Pro.

I have yet to find a website builder (WordPress or otherwise) that makes designing for different size screens so easy. It'll do 90% of the work automatically AND give you really granular control to make sure your site is optimized for the 50%+ people who view it there.

While your template has been tested on multiple screen sizes, I suggest you double check the tablet and mobile views after you add your own content (words and images). The tutorials will walk you through how to do this.

Yep!  These templates are unique in that way.  Most website templates out there are just built to look pretty (even if they say otherwise).

But these templates are both pretty and strategic.  They are built using a proven strategy: The MAP Method. That method includes both the design AND the copy.

As I guide you through how to design your website in the step-by-step tutorial videos, I will also guide you through the copy you should write, why you should write it and where you should put it on the page.  You're getting a course in copywriting all wrapped up in a template!

Yes!  But you will have to purchase them first.  I have paid for a license to use those pictures on my websites, but I don't have permission for you to use them on your own site.


When you download your template, it will not include any images.


The majority of the pictures (with the exception of the Impact template - those are pictures taken by my own photographer), come from Ivory Mix (affiliate - their membership is SO SO worth it) or Deposit Photos


Each template comes with links to where you can purchase the images used in that template.


These templates will only work on a WordPress website with Elementor Pro installed.


Scroll back up the page a bit and read why I recommend this combination and then consider switching.  I can help walk you through the process during the free month of Ask Me Anything you get when you buy a template!

Then you are in the right place my friend!

These are the templates I wish I'd had when I was just barely starting online.  They will get you off and running in the best way possible and set your business up for success.

Yep, and I promise you'll thank me.  It is the #1 tool I recommend to new mompreneurs.  In fact, if I didn't believe in agency, I'd force all mompreneurs to get it.  It's just $49/ year.  That's pennies when it comes to your business and it's worth far more than what they charge.


Even if you don't use one of my templates, if you want to be able to edit your own website on WordPress, you NEED Elementor Pro.  Get it right here (affiliate).

If you are already on WordPress, my tutorial videos will walk you through the process of setting up a staging site.  A staging site is an exact copy of your live site - including your blog posts.

We do this so that your live site is still seamlessly available to your visitors while you work to improve it for them.  Once you are done with your redesign, we will copy your staging site over to the live site.  When we do that, all the blog posts come with it, only they'll be formatted according to your new design.


If you are not on WordPress, but would like to move over, I can help answer questions as you work through this process during the free month of Ask Me Anything you get when you purchase a template.

Elementor Pro is not a theme.  These templates are not themes either.

Instead, we will change your theme (on a staging site - see question above for more about this) to a very basic theme called Astra.  We will then use Elementor to edit that theme through a drag and drop interface.


It is totally do-able, I promise!  You'll be able to edit every single piece of your website.  I'll walk you through one short tutorial video at a time and you'll be able to ask me question inside of Ask Me Anything (you get a free month when you purchase a template).

Yes, I believe so!  And so does Camille from Camille's Primary Ideas. 


We moved her site to WordPress in 2019 and here is what she has to say:


Switching my website over to WordPress using your help was one of the best things I've ever done!  My monthly singing time subscription is doing AMAZINGLY well, even with singing time still canceled.  I never would have even thought to do it without your suggestions to go through with it.

If you want to know more about why I recommend WordPress, scroll back up a bit the page and read the paragraphs under "Why WordPress"  Camille never could have made her Singing Time subscription work the way it does on Blogger.

No problem!  Just send me an email at Misty@designedforgoodness.com

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

I am certain your template will change your business for the better, and I don’t want you to have any hesitation about buying it. In fact, I am so confident that I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just email me and tell me why/how it was not helpful (so I can improve it in the future). I won’t hold you to any silly rules or give you any hoops to jump through.

snag your template -and stellar support - now


Get a custom looking design you can edit yourself (with support) without the $3500 custom price tag

New templates added approximately monthly

Elementor website templates

the 8 Sections you Must Have on your homepage

The Map Method Cheatsheet

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