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The Goodness Squad Podcast Episode #2

Show Notes:

You don’t have to double your traffic to double your income.  It’s actually much easier than that. 


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Hey you, this is episode #2 of The Goodness Squad podcast.

If I asked you how I could double the income from my online business, how would you answer?


That is the question I’m going to answer for you today.

The 2 most commonly praised ways to double your income


This is a question I have asked throughout the nearly 12 years I have been involved in online business. I've asked it in various ways and to various people inside various forums and various Facebook groups over these 12 years.


Essentially I've just wanted to know how can I increase, how can I double, my income inside my online business? And the answers I would get were always the same.


There were essentially two answers.

  1. The first was double your traffic.
  2. And the second was double your sales.

Both of those answers were extremely overwhelming to me, a brand new blogger.


Getting traffic takes an enormous amount of time and effort and work. It's incredibly overwhelming.  And making sales is an art that can take years to learn. Those answers didn't satisfy me.


I honestly wish I could remember where I finally found the answer that I love, but I can't. I wish I could credit the person who gave this to me, but I can't remember where it was. But it changed my mindset entirely.


How to REALLY double your income


Here's the idea:


You simply need to double one conversion point inside of your business.


Now, what's a conversion point?


A conversion is where someone is in one stage of your business and you're hoping that they move to the next stage.


So one example of this might be traffic. What stage in your business are these people in? Well before they become page views and visits on your website, you are completely unknown to them. That's the stage they're in. And the conversion they're making is now they are a page view or a visit. They have taken one step closer toward knowing, liking, and trusting you.


But this is not the only conversion in our businesses. What about the number of people who join your email list? That's a conversion. First, they're simply a visitor or a page view, and then they convert into an email subscriber.


What if you could double that number? Would that double your income?


What if instead, you focused on doubling the number of people who open your very first email? What if every week 10 people open your very first email and you doubled that to 20?  Now you have 20 more people who are that much closer to knowing, liking, and trusting you enough to purchase something from you.


What if instead, you doubled the number of people who open a very specific sales email that you send to people? Let's say that right now for every hundred people you send that email to around 30 of them open it and 10 of them click and 2 of them buy. What if you could get 60 of them to open it? Now you're going to have 20 of them click and 4 of them buy. You've just doubled your sales! And it had nothing to do with traffic. All you did was get twice as many people to open your email!


Do you see how this is working?


  • What if you double the number of people who not open your email, but click on your email? 
  • What if you double the number of people who click on an ad, whether it's an ad you have on another person's website or a Facebook ad or a Google ad?
  • What if you doubled the number of people who listened to your podcast?
  • What if you doubled the number of products that you actually have to sell?
  • What if you doubled the number of affiliate products that you recommend?


Any of these steps can double your income. Isn't that amazing?


Each of those steps feels so much simpler to me.


If I decide that I am going to double the number of people who open my first email, now all I have to do is work on learning about a welcome email and how to optimize it, so that more people want to open it.


That's much simpler than: "Go double your traffic."


You've got this, you can double your income simply by doubling one conversion point inside of your business.


So go pick one, pick one conversion point inside of your business, and learn how to double it. This thought is so empowering. You don't have to wait a year for your traffic to double, and you don't have to be the perfect salesperson. You simply have to double one conversion point inside of your business and then do it again and again and again, with different conversion points.


You've got this! I want to hear what you do, so make sure you Join The Goodness Squad and we can talk about it inside of our community. I'll see you there.


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Thanks Goodness Squad! You are incredible. If you haven't done so already, make sure to hit subscribe because, during the next episode, I'll be giving you my top three tips for working at home with kids. That's something a lot of us are doing these days. It's going to help you feel more in control so you can rock it at being a mom and a business owner.


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Girls: Thanks for listening to our mom.  She hopes her podcast downloads double. But the only thing we wish that she would double is how much sugar we get to eat in one day. Too bad she won't.

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