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I have the site you are on now: DesignedForGoodness.com


This is my public website where you can find podcast episodes, blog posts and everything else I make available to the public.


I also have a membership site at Members.TheGoodnessSquad.com 


In order to access most of the content on this site, you must log in. This site includes:

The Resource Library is where I keep all the free goodies I give to my email subscribers.  

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It depends on how much I've got going on and exactly what you need.  I have found that in most cases, people need more than 1 hour worth of help, which is why I offer coaching, but there are some situations where just "picking my brain" for an hour can be extremely helpful.


I charge $200 per hour (coaching comes out to about $150 per hour) to work with me on an hourly basis.

You might also consider joining Ask Me Anything.  AMA is a group inside of my private community where you can ask me any question about your business and I will respond, usually via video.  I will even log into your site and show you how to do something if needed. You can join AMA as a part of Tech School or separately.  More info HERE.


Reach out to me directly at misty@designedforgoodness.com and I will let you know what my current availability is and if I think the hourly option would work for your situation.

I do - but on a very limited basis.  I only take 2 coaching clients every quarter.  


Coaching includes an initial 1-hour meeting where we discuss your goals and create a plan to meet them.


For the following 12 weeks, we will have a weekly 30-minute Zoom meeting.  In addition, you will have 30 minutes of my time each week for 12 weeks via the Marco Polo app.


I charge $2000 per quarter of coaching.


If you are interested in coaching, please reach out to me directly at misty@designedforgoodness.com

Yes, I do offer custom web design on a limited basis - just 6 clients per year.


While your design will be beautiful, my #1 goal will be to make sure your website makes you money.  The process will also be highly collaborative so we make sure you get the site of your dreams.


Prices start at $3000

If you are interested in custom web design, please reach out to me at misty@designedforgoodness.

You can find Tech School HERE (if you are not a member, this link will take you to a page where you can sign up).

You can find The Good Start Game Plan HERE (if you are not a member, this link will take you to a page where you can sign up).

You can find Ask Me Anything inside of The Goodness Squad Community here.

If you do not have an active paid subscription to AMA, that link will take you to a page where you can sign up!

Maybe.  If I personally use your product/service and love it, then yes, I will tell my people about it.

But I don't do paid links or link requests.  Please do not email or message me with these types of requests.

So glad you asked!  I have a private community full of them!  I call it The Goodness Squad. You can join right here.

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You can turn $1 into $42

But first you need great email subject lines

The Subject Line Blueprint

Email marketing can turn $1 into $42 if it is done right.* 

But if no one is reading the emails you send, email marketing can be a waste of money.  That’s why you need great subject lines.

Use the 17 page Subject Line Blueprint to create email subject lines that entice your subscribers to open every email you send.

My email subscribers are my VIPs – official members of “The Goodness Squad.”  In addition to immediate access to the Subject Line Blueprint, I’ll continue to spoil you with exclusive content, time-sensitive deals, regular updates on podcast episodes and more.

In fact, tomorrow you’ll get access to the Resource Library including The Profitable Products mini-Course and Playbook, The Product Idea Generator,  The Superpower Discovery Worksheet and more.

*Reference: Litmus

Tech School is here!

Tech School is for you if you wish you could get tech support you can trust, but without the $$$$ price tag.

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