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What TECH tools do you support?

The tools in this list are the tools I know best. I almost always know the answer without looking anything up or even thinking about it.  It’s like I’m a “native speaker”.


*Those with an asterisk are tools I often use for clients but don’t use myself.  This means that in certain situations, helping with these tools may take a bit longer than the others on the list, since I don’t always know about updates/changes right away.

If your tool is not listed, I can still help you but I wouldn’t call myself an expert in that tool. It’d be more like I’m speaking Spanish (which I spoke on my church mission in 2000).

I’d be a little slower. I’d have to look some things up, refresh my memory of other things, etc.  But I’d likely be faster than you would on your own simply because I’m used to learning new TECH tools.  

Website tools

Other tools

Do you have 2 websites?



I have the site you are on now:

This is my public website where you can find blog posts, YouTube videos & transcripts, and everything else I make available to the public.


I also have a membership site at is a membership website where customers can access products and where members of Misty’s email list (whom she has fondly named “The Goodness Squad” because of all the good they do in the world) can access Tech Check.


Tech Check is a free resource inside of that includes a monthly free live Q&A along with many other free resources. You can join Tech Check here.

Maybe.  If I personally use your product/service and love it, then yes, I will tell my people about it.

But I don't do paid links or link requests.  Please do not email or message me with these types of requests.

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If you are interested in done-for-you tech, please fill out the form below.  It will go directly to Misty and she will get back to you within 72 business hours.

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Other Questions:

I can only answer detailed questions about online tools I use regularly (those listed above). *Those with an asterick are tools I often use for clients but don’t use myself.  These means that as there are updates/changes I don’t always know about them right away. This means that in certain situations helping with these tools may take a bit longer than the others on the list.

There are hundreds of thousands of other online tools and there is no way I can answer detailed questions about all of them.  But I can help you decide if a tool is trustworthy or the right one for your needs.  I can also help you find the best support for a tool you are using and provide you with properly worded questions for that tech support.


I used to be embarrassed to send people to my webiste, but not anymore

This is the heading

Misty is gifted at breaking things down into bite-sized pieces. I am not tech savvy. I don’t know anything. Before I met Misty, I had a website that I wasn’t very proud of and I didn’t really want to send people there. I now have a website that makes me money, and it is something that I am super proud of.


When I found Misty,
I honestly just felt saved

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I got there! I built a website! I actually COULD do it! Misty kept telling me that I'd learn how to [design my website pages] by myself. I really doubted that was ever going to happen for me. But I got there. I built a website, then a sales page, an and eCourse, and even a membership. She was right. I actually could do it.


I now feel confident in making changes, creating pages, and adding information to my website on my own.

This is the heading

Before I found Misty, I did not even know where to start. I started a WordPress website and tried to figure everything out on my own. It was taking forever! My website ended up being a jumbled mess and not cohesive at all. Now, my website looks amazing because of Misty. She is so knowledgeable about website design and tech and that has been a lifesaver for me!