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how to boost your click-thru rate without being sleazy

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Four quick and simple tips to help grow a trusting relationship with your email subscribers. They might seem obvious, but even the best content marketer will often forget to do these four things.

The Goodness Squad: Welcome to the goodness squad. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. Welcome to the goodness squad.


Misty: This is episode #58 of The Goodness Squad podcast. And if you have ever had the experience of saying something to someone, something important, something that you really wanted them to hear and understand, and then you turn around and realize they left the room before you started talking and no one heard what you just said. Then you know what it feels like to send an email and not have anyone engage.


Relationships are two way, and this is true of you and your followers. You want to actually build a relationship with them, which means that you need to get them to engage with you because this is going to increase that know, like, and trust factor. 


This is season 3 of The Goodness Squad podcast. And during this season, we are going to be focusing on all things email marketing as it pertains to your content marketing business. And again, content marketing just means you create content like blog posts, podcasts, Instagram posts, all of that is content.


But this is not going to be the same old stuff that you've heard about email marketing before. My approach to email marketing is unique. I believe that a small list, that you take really good care of, is far more powerful than a large list that feels disconnected from you. When done right, email marketing can help you create personal touches and build meaningful relationships at scale.


My name is Misty Marsh. I have built and sold a profitable online business. And now I am on a mission to help you make money through your own content marketing business. President Kimball and President Nelson have taught us that the good women of the world will be drawn to the church as the women of the church are seen as distinct and different in happy ways.


My goal is to teach you how to use the content marketing business to be seen by women all over the world. And I am grateful for the skills God has allowed me to develop that allow me to help you in this way.


Your business can and should earn you money. If you aren't sure about that yet go listen to episode 30 of this podcast. But above all else, I hope that you remember that what you earn, or even what you teach about in your content marketing business, matters far less than how you interact with those you are teaching and serving.


As you follow the Savior in those interactions, you will be seen as distinct and different in happy ways because He is distinct and different in happy ways.  This is what The Goodness Squad is all about. 


All right. I have four rules for you today. Four very simple rules that will help you increase the engagement that you see inside of your emails. So what do I mean by engagement? Well, I mean that you ask your subscribers to do something and they do it. That's what I mean by engagement, you are asking them to do something and they actually do whatever it is you are asking them to do.


So we call this, in the marketing world, a call to action. You will see it abbreviated as CTA. I'm going to give you four rules today for your CTA, for your calls to action. 


#1 - you should always have a call to action. That seems so obvious. And yet, so many times (I challenge you to go back and read your own emails or read the emails that people are sending you) so very often there is no call to action. There's no opportunity for you to engage with the people who are sending you emails. It's actually fairly rare. So while this seems like a very obvious thing, it isn't, it is not super obvious.


I really want you to think about "how can I ask my subscribers to do something for me every single time I email them?" Giving them that opportunity is going to help them realize that you know, like, and trust them. That is going to increase their know, like, and trust factor with you and build this relationship. So rule number one is that every email you send should include a call to action.


#2 - you should only have one call to action per email. Now let me clarify. I am not saying that you can not ask the same thing multiple times. So you might have a call to action that is "please go read this blog post." Now you could ask that in the middle of a paragraph with just a simple hyperlink, you could ask that again as a button in the middle of the email, you could ask it a third time in the PS section of your email. You could ask that multiple times. That's fine.


What I mean when I say one call to action is that you are asking them to do one thing. So even if you put that call to action in 10 places through your email, it is the same call to action. Now, why does this work so well? Why is this so important? You've heard me say it multiple times throughout this podcast season. The reason is because of analysis paralysis. When we have too many options, as humans, we tend to choose nothing because that's the default, right?


We are afraid of making the wrong choice so we default to making no choice. So you need to make it really easy for your people. Either they don't do what you're asking or they do do what you're asking. That's it. They only have two choices. Yes or no. I promise you that when you start employing this method in the majority of your emails, when the majority of your emails have just one call to action, you are going to see increased engagement. You are going to see people doing what you're asking them to do far more often. So rule number two is just one call to action per email.


#3 - that call to action should be on its own line at least once in your email. More often is great, but at least once that call to action should be on its own line where it is the only thing in an entire paragraph. It's hanging out there all by itself. It's solo.


Why? Because it will attract attention to itself that way when it's all out there by its lonesome. If you see a sentence, a paragraph, an entire paragraph that just has five words in it, it grabs your attention and people will be more likely to see it and consider it and act on it. So rule number three is your call to action should be on its own line.


#4 - is that you should vary your call to action. It shouldn't be the same call to action every time. Every email you send should not say, "read the blog post, read the rest here." It's called a tip of the iceberg email where you share the first paragraph of your blog post, and then you say click here to read more. That's a great call to action. Totally fine. You should do that sometimes, but you should not do that in every email you send.


So I have a few examples here for you of various calls to action that you might want to consider.


*Listen to the podcast episode

*buy a product. So for me, you know, enroll in Tech School might be my call to action.

 *watch a video. Your actual call to action could be Watch Now.

*tag me on social media. This is a really fun one. If you have just taught them something, this can be especially helpful. If you've just given them a real quick hack, something they can do really quickly and simply, invite them to snap a picture of it, share it on social media, and tag you. Or maybe you have them answer a question from your email on social media. Answer this question on social media and tag me.

*Comment on a social media post is another one. So you have a social media post on Instagram, on Facebook, and you link to that post from your email and ask them to comment.

*You can ask them to forward the email to a friend.

*You can ask them to reply to your email. This is an especially good one because once someone has replied to one of your emails, that is almost a guarantee that you will never end up in their spam ever again.

*What about taking a survey? You can invite them to click on the link and take an actual survey. What would you like to hear about next month? What do you want to learn more about inside of Tech School? You can ask questions inside of an email and you can have two or three answers. And depending on which one they click on a tag gets added to their account in your email service provider. And now you have data about these people, about what it is they want to hear about. Another way to do a survey is to actually just have them click to a survey. You can create the survey with a Google form to be super, super simple. Or you can use something like Survey Monkey.  There are lots of programs out there that will allow you to create a survey.


So there you have it, a whole bunch of different options for calls to action, all things that benefit you. So you're asking them to do something for you, but that encourages them to engage with you. This builds trust both ways. Relationships take effort from both parties and you want to build a relationship with your email subscribers.


I have a call to action for you today. I would like to invite you to rate and review The Goodness Squad podcast. I would appreciate it, but more than that, it is going to help other people find it.


Recently, I took two weeks off for a tonsillectomy and I received 12 emails in that time. I don't know why, I don't typically receive that many emails, but I received 12 different emails or messages from people saying how much they appreciated this podcast and how much it's helped them. One of the best ways that you can help other people to find it, so that I can help them as well, is to rate and review it.


So I would invite you to take just a minute or two of your time and head over to Apple podcasts and review the podcast for me. I would greatly appreciate it.


In the next episode, episode #59, we are going to be talking about email automation. What is it? Why should you use it? And what are the best ways to use it in order to help save you time and help you turn your business into something that actually makes you money while you sleep.


I'll see you there.

Four very simple rules that will help you increase the engagement that you see inside of your emails.

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058_How to boost your click-thru rate without being sleazy 058_How to boost your click-thru rate without being sleazy 058_How to boost your click-thru rate without being sleazy 058_How to boost your click-thru rate without being sleazy 058_How to boost your click-thru rate without being sleazy 058_How to boost your click-thru rate without being sleazy

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