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Category Page: Work-Life Balance as a Momprenuer

Balancing work, family, church callings and more is challenging.  If you feel like you can rock one at a time, but not all of them at once, you aren’t alone and I can help

calendar planning

Why planning is the key to creating a successful business

Are you guilty of over-planning or do you prefer to wing it? There are benefits to both. But, if you really want to grow your business as a mompreneur, you do need to take some time to plan things out. The why and the how are not as complicated or time-consuming as you might think.

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desk full of clutter

The 1 simple thing that helps me maintain work balance as a mompreneur

We are all striving to find balance as a mompreneur. Clutter, whether it be physical or mental, is one of the key reasons we are so easily distracted and feel like we just can’t keep up. Listen in to find out what I recently started doing to help eliminate mental clutter so I can be more present in each area of my life.

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make money

5 ways to make money online as a content marketer

You’re doing your best to use your talents to bring light and goodness to the world. Way to go! But, if you’re going to be sacrificing all your precious time to do so, you need to be getting paid. Listen in to hear the 5 ways you can make money online.

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creating a mindset shift

How to treat your business like a business

Today’s episode continues our conversation on how to monetize your content marketing business. You have to change your mindset! This is not a hobby, this is a business and you have to treat it that way. Listen in to hear two ways you can make sure you are out of hobby mode and into business mode.

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write your story

How to turn your failures into a success

Have you ever “failed” in your business? I have – hundreds, if not thousands of times. In today’s episode, I invite you to see failure a little differently by considering the only 3 ways you can actually fail.

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Women excited about email

one simple, but neglected, key for building loyal customers

Did you know it costs you 5x as much $$$ and effort to acquire a new customer that it does to get a previous customer to purchase from you again? This simple but oft-neglected key to building loyal customers is something you can implement today! In fact, I want you to do this thing every single day that you work on your business.

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woman pulling money out of purse

How to earn money as a content marketer

It’s not just hype if you understand compound interest. In today’s episode, I tell you why most content marketers could have been successful if they’d just kept going. We also discuss what to do in order to earn $$ earlier in your business and what to focus on while you wait for your audience to grow.

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woman reading in bed

Why you need to be repurposing your content

Bloggers and content creators create content because they want others to read, listen to, or watch it. But the fact is not everyone always reads every blog post, podcast episode or youtube video. I’ve got a secret for you: that is actually a good thing! It means you can save time by repurposing content

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Get Your Tech Questions
Answered for
Free At:

A live Q&A for moms who feel called to online business, but are stuck because of the tech

Friday, June 2nd, 11 am MT

With online Tech Expert Misty Marsh of DesignedForGoodness.com
*As a bonus, I will also send you a my  Tech Toolkit and email you regular tech tutorial videos.  I will keep your info private, and you can opt-out at any time.
Click/tap if you are wondering what you can ask questions about

*Get Questions answered about:

Website Tools:
Other Tools:
Other Questions:

I can only answer detailed questions about online tools I use regularly (those listed above). *Those with an asterick are tools I often use for clients but don’t use myself.  These means that as there are updates/changes I don’t always know about them right away. This means that in certain situations helping with these tools may take a bit longer than the others on the list.

There are hundreds of thousands of other online tools and there is no way I can answer detailed questions about all of them.  But I can help you decide if a tool is trustworthy or the right one for your needs.  I can also help you find the best support for a tool you are using and provide you with properly worded questions for that tech support.

Darla, SpirituallyMindedWomen.com

I used to be embarrassed to send people to my webiste, but not anymore

This is the heading

Misty is gifted at breaking things down into bite-sized pieces. I am not tech savvy. I don’t know anything. Before I met Misty, I had a website that I wasn’t very proud of and I didn’t really want to send people there. I now have a website that makes me money, and it is something that I am super proud of.

Andrea, AlwaysMakingArt.com

When I found Misty,
I honestly just felt saved

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I got there! I built a website! I actually COULD do it! Misty kept telling me that I'd learn how to [design my website pages] by myself. I really doubted that was ever going to happen for me. But I got there. I built a website, then a sales page, an and eCourse, and even a membership. She was right. I actually could do it.

Erin, SeekThisJesusStudy.com

I now feel confident in making changes, creating pages, and adding information to my website on my own.

This is the heading

Before I found Misty, I did not even know where to start. I started a WordPress website and tried to figure everything out on my own. It was taking forever! My website ended up being a jumbled mess and not cohesive at all. Now, my website looks amazing because of Misty. She is so knowledgeable about website design and tech and that has been a lifesaver for me!