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Celebrate good times, c'mon!

I’m delighted and grateful that you want to be an affiliate for Designed For Goodness.  It makes me want to celebrate!  I hope we have lots of things to celebrate over the years as we work together as partners to support more bloggers.

I get think you should be picky about who you choose to represent as an affiliate, so your trust in me inspires me to be trustworthy. I am serious about exceeding the expectations of my customers and will do all I can to take excellent care of those you send my way.

I currently pay 20% commission for coaching.  This means you will earn: 

  • $1 per month for every person who joins my group coaching after finding me through your link.  If 50 people join through your link, you will earn $50 per month.  This is NOT a 1-time commission, it is recurring – you will earn every month again & again.
  • $20 per hour of private coaching purchased by anyone who found me using your link.
I plan to add additional products over the next year – Drag and drop website templates, eBooks and eCourses.  You will be able to earn commission on these as well.

Important: I will need to manually approve your application. Expect to hear from me within 24 hours.


create a Homepage that makes you money

The Homepage MAP Method Makeover

Join me as I makeover a client’s actual homepage using the MAP (Money And Progress) method 

The webinar is 80 minutes long.  Choose a time when you know you’ll be able to watch the whole thing.  It’s worth it!

misty marsh

My email subscribers are my VIPs. After the Homepage Makeover, I’ll continue to spoil you with exclusive content, time-sensitive deals, regular updates on podcast episodes and more.  No spam. No giving your email to anyone else. Pinky Promise.

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