Welcome to Team Goodness!

A community of Latter-Day-Saint women who spread goodness and earn ethical income online while still giving our best to our families.

Sound familiar?

Mind-Boggling Tech

You had no idea HOW. MUCH. TIME. the tech side of blogging would take and you are at a loss for how to keep it from sucking the joy out of blogging.  It leaves you with no time to be creative, support your followers, and write about the subject you love.

No one to trust

You need a mentor to push you so you can punch fear in the face, stop struggling with shiny object syndrome, and start making more than $0.27 per hour. You need to know which products are actually worth the money and which projects are worth your time.

Too Much to Learn & do

You’ve realized blogging is more than just writing great content, but you don’t really know what you don’t know.   You thought you were focused on the right thing, but the lack of $$ coming in tells a different story.  And the “right” thing the “experts” say to focus on seems to change daily.  But you need to figure it out because you have limited time and money.

No Time For Family

You started your website to bless others.  You felt you had God’s stamp of approval.  But your family is paying the price.  Your kids hear “just a minute” and “not right now” too often.  Date night hasn’t happened in months.  You know your family is your priority, but you can’t seem to work out how to actually live that way.

There is a solution

I have three goals:

Make the mind-boggling tech stuff simpler so you can focus on what you enjoy and what you do best.

Guide you one well-explained step at a time so you strategically take the right steps in the right order at the right time based on your gifts, limitations and your follower’s needs.

Be your cheerleader and guide – so you can ask any question at all (via email, DM, or even Facebook Live), and get that push to answer tough questions about your business, face your fears and embrace your unique gifts and talents.  Plus guidance on products worth the investment and those that aren’t (no matter how much they may pay me to recommend them to you).

If I reach my goals, you will:

Earn money – ethically and in a sustainable way because you will do the right things in the right order and won’t waste money or time on the wrong tools or projects.

Help those YOU are meant to help – by standing out online in all the right ways.

Maintain quality work / life balance – You will not be perfect, but you can be a great mom, a wonderful wife, fulfill your callings AND have a successful online business.  I learned this the hard way and have lots to share!

Share the gospel –  by simply being seen online by people all over the world as different in happy ways – kind, generous, authentic, honest.

How I know God will help you

Much of the major growth that is coming to the Church ... will come because ... good women of the world will be drawn to the Church in large numbers ... to the degree that the women of the Church ... are seen as distinct and different—in happy ways.

God wants to help you.  He wants you to be seen online – by good women all over the world – as distinct and different in happy ways.  

He will bless your family with income so that the time you give is worth it and you don’t burn out.  He will also bless those you reach – families you don’t even know right now will be better off because they “meet” you online. 

Some will join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Others won’t – and that is okay!  Spreading light and goodness isn’t about who joins the church; it’s about loving and caring, serving and teaching.   It’s about being “seen as distinct and different in happy ways.”

As we – Team Goodness – support each other in this endeavor, the Lord will magnify our efforts and bless His children in just the way they need to be blessed.

Meet Misty

It's nice to meet you!

My name is Misty Marsh.  I’m a mother of 4 kids who were all born within about 3 years of each other – twin boys and then 2 girls 18 months apart – while my husband was in law school.  Yep, late 2007 – early 2011 were some mind numbing, sleep deprived years.

It was during that time that I started my first online business – because we need money and I needed something to ground me and help me keep my sanity.

You’ve heard the quote right down there before right?

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Well, I lived it.  I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars writing a computer program to track grocery prices.  I called it “Frugalicious”.  And it was a fantastic program.  But I didn’t realize that having something great to share wasn’t enough.  We were able to earn back what we spent, but I don’t think we profited more than a hundred dollars. 

Beginning again

I took what I learned from what some would call a failed business and I began again – more intelligently this time. 

I took marketing courses, copy-writing courses, social media courses, I even took a course on how to create a course.  I joined blogging Facebook groups.  I researched web design.  I researched the psychology of selling. I researched writing e-books.  I learned about web hosting and file storage. I tried all sorts of tools until I found my favorites.  I dug DEEP.

I morphed Frugalicious into a website about food storage and preparedness (Simple Family Preparedness).  I was blessed with a fantastic mentor (thank you Julie!) – the owner of another highly successful preparedness site who patiently answered so many of my questions about online marketing.

I became a rep for my favorite food storage company and earned a commission when people purchased.  I wrote a book on how to build a 72 hour kit one step at a time.  I wrote a food storage recipe book with beautiful images (thanks to my wonderful friend and photographer, Angie).  I created a topnotch preparedness e-course.

And God blessed us during those 9 years.  We were successful financially.  We were able to buy and furnish a beautiful home, take great family vacations, pay off car loans, give generously, put our kids in sports and more. God also used that site to help others – many people are much better prepared for the unknown because of what I was able to learn and share through that process.

An ending . . . and then another beginning

But while we were successful financially, I was exhausted and grumpy.  Sadly, I often put Simple Family Preparedness before my kids and husband. 

I kept thinking if only I could work a little harder or finish this one project it would finally settle and be easier to manage.  We’d finally have that passive income everyone talks about.  I eventually sunk into a pretty deep depression.

I prayed many times to know if I could quit.  The answer for many years was a firm “no”.  God forced me to work through many of those issues.  He needed me to learn to say no more and yes to only things that really mattered.  I learned to set limits and boundaries on my work time.  I learned to relinquish control and not do everything myself.  I learned to seek His guidance and wisdom above my own.

Finally in late 2017 I got the distinct impression I was to sell that business.  And I did.  It was sold by March 2018.

But I loved the online world.  I loved marketing and designing and strategizing.  And I had learned how to do those things really well.  I decided to work just 7 hours each week using my web design and marketing skills thru custom web-design and some consulting.

Finding my superpower

I took the summer of 2019 off entirely because, well, I could and I wanted to enjoy my kids.  I took lots of long walks that summer and I realized (or God taught me) that while I loved web design it wasn’t where I could do the most good.  I could only help one person at a time that way.

God had tutored me for 9 years how to be a successful blogger.  And not just any blogger – a mother with young kids – a Latter-Day-Saint who wanted to do good and struggled with if it was okay to earn money at the same time. 

One of my all-time favorite quotes from President Kimball kept coming to mind (the one I referenced above – the way I know God will help you) and I knew God wanted me to help other Latter-Day-Saint women be “seen as distinct and different in happy ways” online.  You can’t do that if you don’t know how to market.  You can’t do that for free.  You can’t do that with out support and help and a mentor. 

I realized God had given me a gift – a unique set of skills, experience and talents that He wanted me to use to help more than one person at a time. So I pulled down my web-design site and started this one instead – a blog where Latter-Day-Saint women can learn how to bless others lives and earn ethical income while maintaining a happy work life balance.

Will you Join Me?

God has tutored and taught YOU through your life experiences just like He did me.  He has given you the power to reach help others in a way no one else can duplicate.

Right now, He wants me to use the “superpower” He has developed in me to help you successfully share your own superpower with others online – in a space where you can bless far more than just one person at a time.