I believe your website should make you money

And since money magnifies who you already are, the money you make will help you serve, give, connect with and influence the world for good (plus, money is fun!)

And I know what's standing in the way

Mind-Boggling Tech

You had no idea HOW. MUCH. TIME. the tech side of an online business would take and you are at a loss for how to keep it from sucking the joy out of your business. 

Too Much to Learn & do

You don’t know what you don’t know.   You thought you were focused on the right thing, but the lack of $$$ coming in tells a different story.  And the “right” thing the “experts” say to focus on seems to change daily.  

You aren't a pushy car salesman

How do you sell without being salesy?  You are honest – ethical – generous even.  You want to HELP people – not rip them off.  But you have no idea what to say – or where to even start.

I've Got Solutions:

Web Design

Your website should make you money, remember? The design of your website matters – But it’s effectiveness is more important than how pretty it is.  Let’s do both pretty and effective, shall we?


Not “copyRighting”  CopyWriting = the words on the page (or in an email or Instagram post). Words are powerful, for better or worse; you’ve got to get them right. I’ll show you why it’s easier than you think.

Tech Support

I see you.  You have something great to share, but the tech is mind-numbing – it begs you to just give up and quit Every. Single. Day. We are going to put an end to that.

I understand because I was once where you are

The Marsh Family, 2012, I literally had my hands full every day

I started a blog in 2008 that fell flat.  I started another in 2010 that grew painfully slow at first.

The struggle was REAL –  Tears on the regular real. 

I was overwhelmed by all of the information available to me.  The tech & fear of failure stopped me from moving forward on the daily. I wasn’t sure I had what it took to create a successful business (aka I was often convinced I didn’t). 

My perfectionism got in the way.  I invested in “experts,” but still couldn’t get things to work out.  I lost trust in “experts,” and became afraid of wasting money and time and it paralyzed me.

My mind was always spinning, but I was going no where fast.  I felt like I could be a good mom or a good primary teacher or a good business owner, but never all 3 at once.  My family missed me.  I was burnt out and prayed regularly asking to quit, but I was told NO over and over.

Slowly, I figured it out


(Yep, I seriously felt like I’d gone through Marie bootcamp)

In the summer of 2018 I felt called to use what I had learned over those many years to help others God was calling to be online.  I believe he told me “No, you can’t quit” for so many years because He wanted me to learn things I could use to help YOU.

I launched this website (DesignedForGoodness.com) in early 2019 and helping you make money with your website gets me up excited in the morning.

Where to find me

The Goodness Squad Podcast

Meet me in your favorite podcast app every Thursday morning. We discuss all things online business. Most episodes are just 15-20 minutes long and you can find transcripts on my website as well.

The Blog

The podcast is where you'll consistently find me each week, but certain topics are better in written format - especially when pictures are needed. That's why I write occasional blog posts as well.


As far as social media goes, you'll find me most often on Instagram. Get to know me, get quick online marketing tips, and learn more about other women who are spreading goodness like you!

The Goodness Squad community

This private - non-Facebook community is a place where Latter-day Saint momprenuers (aka "The Goodness Squad) gather to meet & connect with each other. I'm there too teaching & answering questions.

Work With Me:

Product Template Vault

Creating a digital product that actually LOOKS as good as the content inside of it is difficult - especially if you aren't trained as a designer. The PTV solves that problem. Just change the colors and drop in your content (words, pictures) and you'll have a beautiful product to sell in no time.

Tech School

Tech school was created to help you stop freaking out over the tech side of an online business. It includes tutorials to help you build and maintain a WordPress beautiful website from the ground up without knowing any code.

Ask Me Anything

AMA can be purchased as part of Tech School or separately. Members of AMA can ask me anything - design, email marketing, tech, copy, social media - anything at all about online marketing. I answer in video - showing my screen when necessary.

Welcome Series Masterplan

Email marketing can give you a HUGE return on investment - you can turn $1 into $50. But you've got to do it right. And the first - essential - step is giving your new subscribers a warm welcome. The WSM will give you the words and framework you need to turn new subscribers into raving fans.

You Got this!

I know you can create a website – and a business around that website – that can make you money.

I know that money will:

  • Allow you to have fun as a family
  • Give you – and your kids – more opportunities to develop talents
  • Allow you to give more to those in need
  • Magnify the goodness that is already a part of you
That money will also allow you to re-invest in your business so you can be SEEN by more people – all over the world – and become an incredible force for good. 

I know God will help you too

Much of the major growth that is coming to the Church ... will come because ... good women of the world will be drawn to the Church in large numbers ... to the degree that the women of the Church ... are seen as distinct and different—in happy ways.

Spencer W. Kimball, 1979; Quote by President Nelson, 2015 Tweet

God wants you to be SEEN online – by good women all over the world – as distinct and different in happy ways.  Miracles will happen – for you and your family and for those you “meet” online.  

You have a unique superpower that allows you to reach others in a way only you can. God designed you for goodness!

But you are part of something bigger – a whole squad full of women feeling called to be online. As we – The Goodness Squad – support each other in this endeavor, the Lord will magnify our efforts and bless His children in just the way they need to be blessed.

Please join us!

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