Flywheel Hosting Review

Yep.I have had some horrible experiences with various cheap hosts.  I don’t want you to have to go through that.A host is like the lot you purchase for your house to sit on.  If the lot is crappy or not well prepared, your house could be damaged.  If you use a crappy host, your website could be damaged.Cheap hosts are just that – they don’t cost much (at least not for the first year).  So many bloggers – especially new ones – start with a cheap host.  I get it.  I’ve been there.But it is important to remember that cheap hosts aren’t always as cheap as they first look.  There are a lot of ways in which they can cost you in your business:*Cheap hosts go down (meaning your website goes offline) far more often than quality hosts.  When this happens, you will miss out on visitors and sales.*Cheap hosts will load your website much slower which means you may lose visitors if they get frustrated waiting*Cheap hosts provide subpar security for your website.  It is easier for your site to get hacked (this happened to me 3 times with a cheap host).  The cost of fixing a hacked website is HUGE – plus you lose credibility with your followers.*Cheap hosts put multiple sites on the same server.  This is like putting multiple homes on the same lot.  If a site that is on your server suddenly gets a lot of traffic, your site may slow down or go offline completely.*Cheap also hosts have limited support in many ways which can cost you time and frustration when you can’t solve a problem.Often they host all types of websites so their customer services reps don’t always have extensive experience with WordPressThere are typically only a few reps who are truly experienced and knowledgeable, so you have to go through someone who doesn’t know much before you can get to someone who can actually solve the problemThey sometimes have limited hoursMany times their support reps don’t speak EnglishBut it can be tough to convince you not to with a cheap host with words alone.   I get it!  I’ve been there!  When you are just starting out, every penny counts!So, instead of just telling you to use a quality host, I pay for you to do so.Flywheel is my host of choice.  They ONLY host WordPress websites.  They do not use shared servers.  You get your own.  This means only your own traffic will effect how your site performs – not someone else’sYou don’t need to purchase or use separate tools to backup your website.  They automatically do so regularly and you can restore a backup with just one click.They provide top notch security.The provide custom caching specifically for WordPress which allows for your site to be much fasterEvery support agent is a WordPress expert and they are available 24/7