Drag and Drop Website Design for Women Who Spread Goodness online

Drag and Drop Website Design for Women Who Spread Goodness online

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My Name Is Misty

I believe in good women.
The online world needs more goodness and good women can be a powerful force in spreading goodness online. 
But no one of us can do it all – Not you.  Not me.
We need to stop trying to do it all and work together instead.   Only then can we become unstoppable.
You have a talent – your own brand of goodness – and I’d like to use my talent for web design to magnify your ability to share your goodness with the world.

This is why I do what I do

​My little growing site is ME... but so much better.

Misty, you are a Rockstar! I’m forever indebted to you – Thank you for taking a chance a little blog with no posts or following – it’s amazing because of YOU!

I’m over the moon thrilled.  I love the polished look of my site- everything coordinates and is practically perfect. ​You knocked it out of the park!  My little growing site, is ME… but so much better. It’s designed well, functions amazing, and is ready to grow as a I need.  

For anyone considering hiring Misty, know that her talents as a Blogger and Designer are the perfect marriage! She has an amazing eye for design and the ​best placement for elements. She puts her whole heart into a project and is “All In” in ​what she does. ​

I ​made my first sale ​just days after launching the sales page Misty designed

I was ​not getting ​conversions on my sales page and I didn’t ​like my logo.  I had seen Misty’s work before and loved it.  I felt confident she knew what she was doing. ​

​She was able to create a full brand guide – ​not just a logo – to perfectly fit what I ​wanted but couldn’t express.  I couldn’t imagine anything looking so perfect with my brand and style.  

I ​made my first sale just days after launching the sales page Misty designed. I’m 100% positive it was because ​of her fantastic design, copy tips, ​logo and everything else!  ​If you aren’t sure about hiring Misty, jump the fence!  She is fantastic and 100% worth the investment.