Mentoring for Latter-Day-Saint Bloggers

Mentoring for Latter-Day-Saint Bloggers

The internet - and the world in general - can be a hateful, ugly place. Let's fight that darkness with kindness and light - with goodness.

My Name Is Misty

I believe in the power of good women.
The world – especially the online world – is often a dark and hateful place.
But good women can fight that darkness with light – compassion, kindness, generosity – aka goodness. 
Each woman has her own personal brand of goodness that she is meant to share with the world. 
Your personality, your talents – your goodness – simple as it may be, can make the world a better place. 

If you feel God wants you to share your talents and goodness online, then welcome – you have found a mentor and community of like-minded women.

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