You feel called to start an online business and

You KNOW You Need A website, But HOW?

I believe in you and I've Got You!

I’ll help you create a website that will make you Money And serve People

create your
website with confidence

Know exactly what to do next

Once you've create a plan for your website, you'll stop wasting time spinning in circles and ignoring your family. You'll work efficiently and effectively and always know what the next step is.

A website you can be proud of

Your standout & well-planned new WordPress website will create a great first impression by making what you have to offer look as good as it really is. It'll guide your visitors toward real change and make you money.

someone to turn to for tech questions

No more spending hours on YouTube filtering through outdated videos.

Sell by serving instead of being slimy

The words on a website (or in emails) can make an ugly site profitable or a beautiful site a waste of money. You'll learn how to find the right words - those that aren't slimy, but build KLAT (Know, Like And Trust) with your website visitors so they take action.

The MAP Method will allow you to EARN and SERVE

The MAP Method is a unique approach to creating an online business/website.  MAP Stand for Money And People


You should make money from your business.  In fact, I believe you have a responsibility to make money.


But money isn’t everything and if you make it your main motivation, you’ll burnout and put your family behind your business (ask me how I know).


The MAP Method is based on the idea that if you put people before profits the profits will follow naturally.

Ready to Get Started?

Step #1: Get Your Cheatsheet

There are 8 sections you must have on your homepage if you are going to make Money And serve People.  This short cheat sheet will walk you through them and introduce you to the MAP Method.

Step #2: Practice

Practice makes progress.  You will progress when you DO something.  After sending your cheat sheet, I will continue sending you emails with simple things you can DO that will move your business forward one small step at a time (Alma 37:6)

I want to help you be "seen" online

Hey there!  I’m Misty. I’ve had 4 online businesses. I started back in 2008 when I had twin infants and continued as I had 2 more babies in the next 3 years. 

I struggled to gain traction with an ugly ineffective website that didn’t make me any money.  I also tried a beautiful, ineffective website that didn’t make me money.  But eventually I figured it out., I finally sold a 6-figure business in early 2018.

Later that summer I felt inspired by the quote you see in the image to help YOU be SEEN online as distinct and different. That is how Designed For Goodness and the MAP Method were born in early 2019.

I believe you when you say that you feel called to be online and I believe that with the right support you will successfully earn money and help the people God wants you to help.

Meet other wonderful women who feel called to be online
just like you!

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