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Your standout & well-planned new website will create a great first impression by making what you have to offer look as good as it really is. It'll guide your visitors toward real change and make you money.

Email and Website Copy

The words on a website (or in emails) can make an ugly site profitable or a beautiful site a waste of money. You'll learn how to find the right words - those that aren't slimy, but get your visitor to know, like, and trust you so they take action.

Tech Help

Your new standout website will work like your visitors expect it to so you gain trust instead of losing it when because things keep going wrong.

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No matter which option you choose, my goal is to make sure your website is better than it was when you found me so you can make more money & help more people.

making money will help you spread goodness

Hey there!  I’m Misty. I’ve had 4 online businesses since 2008. I started back in 2008 when I had twin infants and continued as I had 2 more babies in the next 3 years. After lots of trial and error, I finally sold a 6-figure business in early 2018.


But before that, I struggled to gain traction with an ugly ineffective website that didn’t make me any money.  I also tried a beautiful, ineffective website that didn’t make me money.  


Over the years, I’ve taken courses and studied and experimented with what makes a website truly effective – which means two things to me: 1 – It helps those it is meant to help grow and progress, and 2 – It earns the website owner money while still helping those who aren’t ready to pay.

I've come to believe God expects me and you to use our unique set of talents (yours are different than mine) to spread goodness and light (See Matthew 25:14-30).  He wants the best for me & you. He is happy when you learn and grow through business and gain blessings that money can bring to your life.


I used to be afraid that if I earned too much money I'd become selfish.  I couldn't stop worrying about it until  I realized money simply magnifies who you are. As I've made more money, it has blessed my family AND I've been enabled to spread more light and goodness online and off.  


In 1979 (the year I was born!) President Spencer W. Kimball prophesied “Much of the major growth of the church will come as the women of the church are SEEN (aka stand out) as distinct and different in happy ways.”  The online world is often a dark, hateful place, so I believe it to be the perfect place to be "seen as distinct and different in happy ways!"


If you want to have a standout website that helps you earn money, and use your online influence to spread goodness and light then welcome! You have found a community of like-minded women.  Join us as we spread light and goodness online together.  


p.s. If earning money while spread goodness and light makes you squirm, check this out.

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For less than your monthly cell bill, you can have direct access to me and ask me any questions you have about your business.  I’ll even log into your website to answer if needed!

Grab a website template built using my Map Method

MAP stands for Money And Progress.  These beautiful templates are built to make you money AND to help your site visitors grow and progress in the way you know you can help them.

Work With Me:

misty marsh

Courses & Tutorials

Group learning, Coaching, Tech Support, Templates

Custom Website Design

The Homepage Makeover Masterclcass

create a website that makes you money

Your homepage is like a job interview and there is a formula for nailing the interview. Come learn:

Tuesday, March 30th at 1:00 pm MT

(There will be a recording available if you can’t attend live)

The Masterclass will be from 1 pm – 2 pm.  I will be available from 2-3 pm for questions

My email subscribers are my VIPs – official members of “The Goodness Squad.”  In addition to the Masterclass, I’ll spoil you with exclusive content, time-sensitive deals, regular updates on podcast episodes and more.


create a Homepage that makes you money

The Homepage MAP Method Makeover

Join me as I makeover a client’s actual homepage using the MAP (Money And Progress) method 

The webinar is 80 minutes long.  Choose a time when you know you’ll be able to watch the whole thing.  It’s worth it!

misty marsh

My email subscribers are my VIPs. After the Homepage Makeover, I’ll continue to spoil you with exclusive content, time-sensitive deals, regular updates on podcast episodes and more.  No spam. No giving your email to anyone else. Pinky Promise.

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