You feel called to start an online business and

You know You Need A website, But HOW?

I believe in you and I've Got You!

I can teach you how to affordably DIY your site in as little as 1 week even if you are tech-allergic. 

I’ll help you find the words that will attract superfans without slimy sales techniques.

Pretty soon, your family & friends will be asking how you did it!

create a website that #Lightstheworld and makes money

Create a site you can be proud of

You can DIY a website (in as little as 1 week) that will create a great first impression by making what you have to offer look as good as it really is.

Avoid Slimy Sales Techniques and troublesome customers

Serving is more fun than selling and when you put people first, profits follow!
Let me show you how.

Avoid the $$$ for a custom site

By learning (or having your VA learn) to DIY your site you can avoid initial design/re-design fees in the thousands AND follow-up tweaks every so often that cost hundreds.

Attract your superfans

The words on a website can make an ugly site profitable or a beautiful site a waste of money. You'll learn how to find the right words - those that attract superfans

map method marketing is designed to help you find and then serve your superfans

 MAP Stand for Money And People.

Because serving is more fun than selling, and when you put people first, profits follow.

Step #1: Claim Your Superpower

There are people your Heavenly Parents know you can help better than anyone else.  There are also people you won’t be so great at helping.  Understanding this and focusing on your people is the first step to finding your superfans.

Step #2: Get to know your people

You can’t truly help someone if you don’t know them.  Once you know WHO you are meant to help, you need to do all you can to get to know their needs, dreams, excuses and fears.

Step #3: Do what is best for them

Once you know your people, make every decision in your business based on what is BEST for them (which may or may not always be what they think is best for them).

Ready to Get Started?

Step #1: Attend the free class

The completely free masterclass called “The 1-hour Homepage Makeover” is the best place to start.  I’ll teach you about how the MAP Method is like a see-saw, give you the 3 questions your homepage must answer in 3 seconds or less and much more!

Step #2: Practice

My podcast, The Goodness Squad takes all sorts of website design tips and other business tips and looks at them through the lens of MAP Method Marketing.  This will help you master this new type of marketing so you can find your superfans faster.

I want to help you be "seen" online

Hey there!  I’m Misty. I’ve been a mompreneur since 2008.  I’ve had failed businesses and 6-figure businesses.  I’ve ignored my 4 kids for my business and found a great balance between business and family.  I sold my most successful business in early 2018.

Later that summer, I felt inspired by the quote you see in the image to help YOU be SEEN online as distinct and different. That is how Designed For Goodness and the MAP Method were born in early 2019.

I believe you when you say that you feel called to be online and I want to be your shortcut to a profitable, family-friendly business built on integrity and kindness.

I’m crazy about empowering Latter-day Saint women to DIY stunning drag-and-drop websites that attract  – and then help – your superfans so you can make money and #LightTheWorld from home with kids under your feet.

Meet other wonderful women
who feel called to be online just like you!

Work With Me:

The 1 hour Homepage Makeover

Give me just over 1 hour and I’ll teach you about the MAP Method and show you how to apply it as I makeover a client’s homepage.

Website With a Purpose

The more-than-you-knew-you-needed course for tech-allergic women of faith who want a drag and drop WordPress website that makes money & #LightsTheWorld

Includes 4 quick-start website templates.

The Homepage Makeover Masterclass

Create A Homepage That attracts superfans & #LightsTheWorld
Without Slimy Sales Tactics

In about 1 hour you'll learn:

Create A Homepage That attracts superfans & #LightsTheWorld
Without Slimy Sales Tactics

The Homepage Makeover Masterclass
    Watch as I makeover an Actual client's homepage.
    In 1 hour you'll learn:

    Hey there! I'm Misty!

    I’m crazy about empowering Latter-day Saint women to DIY their own stunning drag-and-drop websites so they can attract – and help – their superfans and make money from home with kids under their feet. 

    So glad you are here!